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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 15, 2008

The Berkeley city counsel apparently wants to purge their fine city of the marines and that pesky recruiting habit they have sometimes. You can�t have Marines around when they might interfere with your porno establishments, gay recruitment centers and grocery stores featuring grape-flavored condoms. After all, the war is about our troops murdering civilians and creating another Apartied of evil. With the Feds threatening to yank two million in funding, suddenly the Mayor has a moment of pause. Now the Marines can stay, but the city counsel certainly isn�t sorry and won�t offer an apology.

I say, yank all the military out of Berkeley, and while we are on a roll, yank out the police also. If they are ever attacked or have a problem with Islamic Jihadists they can call their triple xxx shops and disease-laden nightclubs for help. Maybe Berkley can dance or drink their way out of Jihad attacks. Hand the enemy a grape-flavored condom. Whatever you do don�t make it a pork-flavored condom. It would be against their nature to be rude. Maybe, diseased, moronic, anti-American, mentally ill, perverted and diluted but NEVER rude. After all, terrorists are just Mommies and Daddies remember?

How come it is that most liberal, perverted and �special� among us don�t seem to realize the very real danger they are in with Islamic Fundamentalists? Forget, Republican and Democrat! We are in danger and are ALL infidels. With the threats of murder and torture all through Sharia law you would think feminists and gay people would RISE up to support our troops in this battle all the more!!! Sharia talks of executing all gays, beating wives as a norm, cutting off limbs for stealing, eye for an eye revenge, crucifixions and don�t you dare sleep around or have an affair or you will be dead.

Isn�t it fascinating, since 9/11 how the extreme anti-American crowd continues to attack, slander, sue and malign anything Christian. The mere audacity to define marriage between a man and a woman, to display Christian symbols, 10 commandments displays and manger scenes�. continues to be viciously smeared by the far left. In the meantime, you hear absolutely nothing from these same idiot crusaders against encroaching, Muslim indoctrination in our elementary schools, or the suggestion of separate Sharia law courts. This is already going on in parts of Canada and through out cowardess Europe.

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With even the Archbishop of Canterbury wanting to usher-in and legitimize Sharia law as a sound and practical alternative in Britain, (only the head of 70 million followers world- wide and the largest Christian denomination in Britain), one wonders if we are all mentally ill and suicidal!!!

I don�t care if you are or have always been against Bush or the war in Iraq, WE ALWAYS SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND THEIR NEED TO RECRUIT. I don�t care if you are obsessed with protecting your �special� sexual rights. WE ARE ALL IN VERY REAL DANGER. THEREFORE, YOU HAD BETTER THANK GOD FOR YOUR TROOPS.

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Isn�t it fascinating, since 9/11 how the extreme anti-American crowd continues to attack, slander, sue and malign anything Christian.