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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 8, 2008

Well, we saw Super Tuesday, or was it slippery Tuesday or pathetic Tuesday? We have heard the endless sound bites and plans the wanna-be presidents have for us. �I am going to get Osama BinLaden� �I will garnish wages if I have to, but everyone will have health care� �It�s the economy stupid� �I am the candidate of change� �We will talk to our enemies� �We will bring our troops home� When I actually catch my breath for a moment and ponder all the directives of the presidential hopefuls. I realize that they have all missed the Real sound bites and core issues at hand and it has nothing to do with the usual things Democrats and Republicans argue about! WE DON�T NEED change, AND TO STARE INTO THE FUTURE! We need realignment to our freedom, our sovereignty and constitution, OUR NOBLE, SPIRIT-FILLED AND GOD INSPIRED PAST! We need a resetting to �In God we trust,� before we tear into any other issues! Right now it is�.in sex we trust�.in Politicians we trust�.in personalities and stars we trust!

What is the next nightmare to fix? Oh yeah! �It�s the economy stupid.� How can you fix an economy and supply more jobs when the sneaky, worldview guiding many politicians, businesses and the central banks is GREED and GETTING CHEAP LABOR at any cost? Remember, our Manufacturing base was over 55% of our economy in 1965. Now, manufacturing is less then 9%!!! We have been selling-out our Manufacturing and Industry for decades now, deporting our creativity, inventions and talent, while importing slave labor, a fix to the greed of big business and crime!!! All in the name of globalism!!! Where were the precious sound bites from any of the wanna-be Presidents regarding globalism�s rape of our country�s workers and the dangerous movements and plans of the North American Union??? You didn�t hear it from the stars at the front�..but they will fix the economy stupid!�.fix it right into the gutter!!!

Our freedom and Independence seems to be a threat to the global elites and big business that wants a one-world Government! Don�t forget how unique our country has been and still is, though sick. Our bill of rights, constitution and founding documents are UNIQUE AND GOD-INSPIRED! The way our country came into being and the wars fought to preserve it were indeed awe-inspiring! It is truly worth fighting for and returning to its original and constitutional principles!!!

We need way less liberal, conservative, Republican and Democrat, red and blue states. WE NEED, RED, WHITE AND BLUE STATES AGAIN. We must master together the bigger challenges to the U.S. such as saving our nation from the North American Union. Why would we even consider watering down our soverenty and borders while being manipulated to submit to International courts and governing bodies??? SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

A related challenge, which is in our face, is protecting our national sovereignty and borders, while using compassion, law and common sense. When are we going to stop playing word games and insulting our intelligence with illegal immigration talks? Showing compassion to our neighbors is one thing we have done and we can do continue to do. BEING ILLEGALLY INVADED, WHILE BIG BUSINESSES AND GLOBALISTS UNEMPLOY AMERICAN WORKERS, SMACKS OF TREASON AND NATIONAL BETRAYAL. The whole time we dare to notice the endless crime and misplaced American workers, we are slapped with attacks of being mentally ill, racist, lacking compassion, being a fake Christian---on and on. We are branded not only for being bad Americans for noticing this, but we bad people as well.

Before anyone in the White House starts fixing things again, we need to re-discover our core-values, history, and vision as a country; then stop apologizing for being a unique country and start promoting and protecting our own jobs, interests and people. International trade and commerce is nice. Doing it from a healthy, sovereign core, while protecting our manufacturing and jobs is nicer!!!!

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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What is the next nightmare to fix? Oh yeah! �It�s the economy stupid.� How can you fix an economy and supply more jobs when the sneaky, worldview guiding many politicians, businesses and the central banks is GREED and GETTING CHEAP LABOR at any cost?