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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 1, 2008

Our economy is a big Turtle according to the latest numbers. While China�s economy has grown 11.2% this year, the U.S. grew less than 6/10 of 1% this year. People here are pulling back on spending, trying to plan for a rainy (snowy) day, while the housing market and mortgages continue to unravel as loans default and houses try to reset themselves to REAL values from the inflated ones across the country!

With the stock market volatility, we are all forced to see the eye doctor due to the dizziness of watching the trading on wall street zigzag dramatically down and up, up and down. Why is my head swirling? It�s called a recipe from hell over the years. What does this recipe look like? We have one part globalism and international trade that is unfair to the U.S over decades! One part devaluing of U.S. currency; One part, endless credit and loans offered here and abroad that were fluid, with variable interest rates and not thought out. In fact, tons were given to folks who couldn�t afford to pay on them, thus the housing market turning to sewage; One part, our money decades ago becoming Fiat currency with little or no backing, certainly manipulated backing, NOT GOLD.

Jerry Corsi just came on my radio show and talked about GATA, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, that is claiming that the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury are manipulating the country�s gold supply by doing UNDISCLOSED LEASES. The bottom line here is that our central banks may have HALF THE GOLD they claim they actually have. What else do I need in my recipe before it goes in the oven and burns to a crisp???

Oh yeah, the AAM, Alliance for American Manufacturing points out, that we have lost 1,568,600 manufacturing jobs in the last seven years. Nearly a million of these were lost to China alone! Thank you Bush and you global elite, corporate whores!!! Manufacturing has always been a main stay for our country�s economic heath. The AAM puts it in perspective for us reminding us that domestic manufacturing was at a high of 53 percent in 1965 but 40 years later it accounts for ONLY 9 percent of our GDP. Many in our Government, from our President on down, talk about how we can outsource this and that. We are international and must think that way. THIS THINKING ONLY AFFECTS OUR ECONOMIC STABILITY AND, EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

In the dangerous times we live in, trying to respond affectively to ongoing threats from Islamic radicals and keeping our military ready with working equipment and parts is hard if you have a �chain gang� of parts being imported, i.e. steel from China. What if chunks of the parts we need can�t flow back to us in a timely manner and with a price that is fair? I guess a few tanks and artillery pieces will sit on the ground. Maybe they can be a nice museum display, while the rest of us pick up sticks and rocks to fight the enemy!

Back to the endless losses to manufacturing! Why have steel jobs been sold overseas? That not only has eradicated hundreds of thousands of jobs but put our country in peril!

Finally, in this recipe of economic disaster we have a ponsi scheme with many trillions in debt that just spirals downward. Of course we sell this debt to other countries, all KINDS of countries, as we sit here extremely vulnerable. What happens if other countries start wanting to sell off our debt and change to other currencies?? Oh yeah�..some already are. Isn�t the International spirit nice?

So far with our recession recipe we have bad loans in housing, a falling dollar, lies about the gold reserves we have undisclosed gold leases, which will most likely never be paid back, destruction of our manufacturing and job base, and how could I forget the disastrous affect of illegal immigration and a growing slave labor class that is literally stealing middle American opportunities and jobs.

How do the 3rd degree burns feel? It all goes back to our early training in Sunday school. Don�t we know the answer already to the destructive outcome of unchecked greed by bankers, politicians and globalists; lies, deception and lust for power? We need not wonder about motivation by our President and the bankers. Globalism is all about the sell out to big money and power to control. It is not service to poor people. It makes poor people!!!!!!

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It is not too late to heal from our nation�s 3rd degree burns but they are severe enough that we must START with prayer and repentance for leaving God in the back room of the Museum. We must become a nation under God again, not against God, not suing God, AND we must find our national voice and demand REAL service and honesty from our next President and congress. This is not a TV sitcom, but the most, miraculous and unique, freedom loving country on earth unraveling before our eyes AND IT DOESN�T HAVE TO!!!

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Oh yeah, the AAM, Alliance for American Manufacturing points out, that we have lost 1,568,600 manufacturing jobs in the last seven years. Nearly a million of these were lost to China alone!