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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 25, 2008

What do you want to see in this next election? What does this country need to see? Sadly, the whole process of getting elected at this level by default turns most trying to get elected into America Idol contestants, fund raising experts and sound bite droppers. Oh yeah, how could I forget, it also turns them into private investigators who must find the trash and inconsistencies with their opponents. Occasionally, in between dealing with the media distortion and money pressure, we hear from a real heart here and there. Sadly, most of us don�t recognize it when we hear it because we are so sucked into the entertainment and soap opera everyone is running!

Now, what is it I REALLY want to hear about as an American? Notice I didn�t say as a Republican. You may disagree with me but I think a HUGE amount of us now feel misrepresented with our parties, Republican and Democrat. What about someone, black, white, male or female, who actually is passionate about ALL of the US and wants to serve under God and country, not everyone else�s country, not oil, not globalism?

My priorities, as a frustrated conservative who wonders where real leadership, is are the following!

National Security

Obviously, we need a President and congress that takes seriously the number one role of protecting our country from harm. What does that actually mean though�. endless wars? Talking and negotiating through the UN? Playing Neville Chamberlain with our enemies? Do we actually have real enemies and who are they? Some of you believe we make our own enemies.

How do we actually protect ourselves if we believe we are in real danger? It is certainly on the historical, known record that we have been attacked by Islamic radicals since 1979, starting way back when Jimmy Carter was in the white house and hostages were taken in Iran. It has continued non-stop from there. Embassies attacked; cruise ships attacked; Olympic athletes attacked; airlines, synogoguages, schools attacked, on and on! I suppose we can explore for a moment the theory that we have persecuted Islamics and created their attack interests, but that falls flat when you read the gut source of the Islamic Radical�s motivation and it ain�t oil or Bush. It has outlived and surpassed both! It is stark hatred for Jews, Christians and the West. We are defined in their guiding holy books as Infidels and are given three choices: convert, be enslaved or die. Islamic Fundamentalist�s represent the Imperialist, Nazi party of our time!

You see, it has never mattered if a Republican or Democrat, Christian or non- Christian, liberal or conservative was in the White House, they were still representing a sea of Infidels who must submit to Muhammad, thus the ongoing attacks.

The confusion and controversy comes when politics, greed and distortion pepper the responses to these threats and ongoing attacks. As a result we want to throw the baby out with the bath water. �There is no real war�. �We create hostility with Islamics.� Then there are our mental health issues,��our false guilt.

Quick, tie up our courts with lawsuits because precious civil rights are being violated. Stop all �the 3 little Pigs Plays��. and don�t try to soften the insulting blow either with �The 3 little Puppies,� �The 3 little Morons,� �The 3 little Rats� or The 3 little Politicians.� There is no winning this issue. We and our traditions offend because we exist. How rude!!!

My deep and very real concern is that for years now, because of our need for oil and our ongoing relationships with the Arab, Muslim nations, we have danced around, fallen around, and completely avoided the real issue. It never was a few radical psychos stealing a very peaceful religion and hijacking it! It never was a war on terror! It never was the imperialistic, evil creating hatred from Islamic radicals! It was their strong and eternal commitment to murder and Jihad in the name of their God, which has transcended generation after generation!

They thank Muhammad for our moral confusion, our over-sensitivity, our endless talking, while many of our Politicians and media play right into their evil, manipulative hands.

As I ponder what must be done with this kind of foe, I think of Ronald Reagan�s strength, where he used words backed by a nation that made consequences known, deterents known, and invested in a strong national will and military. I still find it tell-tale and rather fascinating that on the very day of President Reagan�s inauguration, the hostages in Tehran were released. That was after months and months of Jimmy Carter trying to deal with it. Could a lesson here for us possibly be that talk and negotiation is only as good as the will and strength behind it? Without firing a shot, the East Berlin Wall came down, Communist Russia dissolved and US hostages were released. There were no blood baths but there was strength and clarity. Now we have kiss-up, lies about who we are even fighting, and retreating half the time.

Zooming to the present conflicts�..I am still horrified by the endless distraction and distortion that can come because of our dependency on oil. Shame on our leaders for not getting independent, decades ago, from the Middle East and Columbia regarding oil! We had and still have the brains, resources and scientific minds to find and develop our own oil and quickly develop other energy sources if we could just get big and elite business out of it!! Many times, our national security seems to be submitted to the global elite. Sadly, that creates a bigger enemy than the REAL enemy the Christians and Jews face, worldwide.

Regardless, in dealing with the constant threats and attacks, we must find the moral and independent courage to define privately and publicly that our enemy is Islamic Fundamentalism and their teachings. That means kicking out playing the civil liberties game within our borders with CAIR and other groups. That means being CLEAR with CONSEQUENCES toward Islamics within our borders regarding fascist sermons, teaching and preaching. If jihad and death to Jews and Christians are taught here, in ANY way, its time to arrest and deport people, not give them a free week of treatment at Mayo�s clinic, and a forum in a national talk show because we UNDERSTAND! It�s not about civil liberties and freedom of speech, WE ARE BEING ATTACKED AND LED TO THE SLAUGHTER THROUGH OUR LEGAL SYSTEM, CIVIL LIBERTY and MORAL CONFUSION, AND GREED!

Other common sense priorities I want and look for in a new President is ECONOMIC AND TAX REFORM. That means shutting down our complicated and unfair tax system and putting in ONLY a national sales tax and eradicating all others. This would ironically equip the government with more money and give money back to U.S. citizens to spend on our economy.

Health leadership

We also need to see our Government and President explore real conversations about drugs and health care especially, for our vets and seniors. How are we going to fix our Health care system and allow our seniors to buy affordable medicine? I�m all for competition and companies making a profit but how can that morph into fairness and affordability for all WITHOUT turning us into socialists?

Moral leadership

We must have REAL moral leadership that is connected to responsibility and freedom. Regardless of everyone�s religious choices, we still are living in a country based on Judeo/Christian values, history and tradition. Somehow, as we all get to explore our freedoms, we MUST integrate and understand that the Bible and God are part of who we are. I want a President who will put a stop to the endless persecution of Christians, their symbols and expressions, by the ACLU and other wackoid groups! Enough battering of the manger scenes, Ten Commandment displays, memorial crosses and prayers before a football game. As I said earlier, we face a more vicious and aggressive enemy�..that aligns with Islamic radicals and attacks everything moral, traditional and democratic��our own, liberal fascists we have promoted in Hollyweird, our media and in much of congress.

Protection of our Bill of Rights and Constitution AND acknowledgement that the North American Union is nothing short of Treason!

I want a President and congress who protects our borders, stops the endless illegal invasion, rather than the endless sound bites about it, and crushes this treasonous concept of the North American Union. Let us start by telling the American people that our current President, and the global elites, are highly organized and aggressively pursuing this giving away our national sovereignty. It is wrong. It is evil and it is treason!!! The American people want and deserve serious discussion, and action, on this issue.

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The above concerns are just a few of the many issues that must be faced and addressed by a new President. Pray for our country. I�m afraid we REALLY DO need help from GOD.

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Now, what is it I REALLY want to hear about as an American? Notice I didn�t say as a Republican. You may disagree with me but I think a HUGE amount of us now feel misrepresented with our parties, Republican and Democrat.