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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 18, 2008

Just as some married couples renew their vows after 25 or 50 years, maybe its time for US officials, Congress and the President to renew their vows to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and to the American people! Either that or run off to Iran, China or Mexico and stay there! How come I feel like putting a restraining order on my President and congress half the time??? Could it be because many of our members of Congress, President and Judges are often committing adultery by kissing-up to other countries such as Mexico, regarding border issues with our border agents and selling out to China as they prepare to send endless trucks up to our unwanted and manipulated super Highway?

Other adulteries by our officials include allowing major US companies to get billions of dollars from �sovereign wealth funds,� or SWFs. We heard this week that Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and 3Com Corp. received billions from foreign Governments. Surely in a time of war that would be billions supposedly from some countries supportive of Western values�.WRONG! We are talking huge buys into our US companies by many Middle Eastern Countries, Muslim extremist strongholds! Did I mention yet that some of our leaders, including those running huge companies here, are committing adultery? Well at least we don�t have to worry about US companies receiving billions from Communist China! WRONG AGAIN! reported one frightening example of this endless betrayal with the announcement by the Chinese firm Huawei Technologies, (only known for its strong ties to China�s military) buying 3 Com Corp. for $2.2 billion. You say, well Laurie, with the struggle with the U.S. markets this last year, companies are desperate for funds and have to go foreign. The top 10 SWFs have over $1.5 trillion at their disposal according to

Since everyone is so desperate, why don�t we sell The House of Representative to the Saudies and the Senate to China, that way ultimately only half the country would have to submit to Sharia law, while the other could work for slave labor wages in manufacturing plants making leaded widgets.

Other adulteries by our leaders include allowing the rights of parents to be trashed. Some are saying that without an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the rights of parents, they may well become nothing but historical fossils. In California, not long ago, we saw leadership beginning to rewrite curriculum, taking out terms such as Mom and Dad, or Husband and Wife, because it would be considered hateful or abusive toward sexually creative groups like; gays, strays, flies, bies, or tries. They might feel left out somehow! In an article by Michael J. Smith published in the Washington Times, we are warned that without such a plan, the state, could practically decide everything; what your child reads, who they hang out with, what discipline they get, if any, etc.. A WorldNet daily article pointed out the incredible danger that could come from the potential ratification o0f this issue by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We have seen in Europe, especially Germany, the eradication of parent�s rights regarding children and home schooling. Germany has lifted up state education as �God� and parents rights to teach as �trash�. Thus the endless dragging of kids out of their homes, institutionalizing them, fining and taking parents to court etc�Why is it in History that Germany went to the �controlling� absurd extreme? They wiped out millions of Jews, and now they have to move in on the parents and kids.

There are similar stories of horror peppered throughout our country. Just last month a Mom in Utah had a Judge threaten to take her home-schooled kids away from her if she didn�t immediately put them in public school. After thinking about it, she literally left her home, everything in it, grabbed up her children and moved to a friend�s house in another state, just to exercise her rights to teach her kids and frankly protect her children. Where are our public officials in congress? Why are parents rights being challenged and trashed here as in parts of Europe? Why is U.S. History being watered down to lies and politically-correct propaganda, while Muslim Indoctrination is peppered all over. No talk about our Christian roots or the contribution of the Jews, just insults and one or two sentences for each�..but then why confuse the kids when you are trying to convert them to Jihad? They shouldn�t be distracted with the facts.

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We must demand that our Public officials in this election cycle, focus on REAL and LASTING priorities for our country and stop committing ADULTRY. I either want a real marriage that is healthy or I want nothing from them! Must we remind our leaders of the basics again? 1. Protect our national defense by defining real enemies here and abroad and eradicating them with the right talk, consequences and action. 2. Protect our national sovereignty! No on globalism. No on the super Highway. No on the North American Union. 3. Protect our economy with common sense policies; cutting down our debt, finding new sources of energy, lowering taxes on all and keeping more jobs and companies in the U.S. 4. We MUST secure our borders and back our border patrol and Minutemen. 5. Protect Parent�s rights, our bill of rights, and our moral heritage.

I, and the American people, want a commitment from our leaders NOW!

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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There are similar stories of horror peppered throughout our country. Just last month a Mom in Utah had a Judge threaten to take her home-schooled kids away from her if she didn�t immediately put them in public school.