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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 12, 2008

The war continues on as attacks continue from Iran, Pakistan and New Palestine. The last two weeks Tel Aviv has been hammered for the 5th time with rockets from Hamas. Another Israeli school has been leveled. This time 53 Jewish children have been killed. Last week it was 38 pre-schoolers burned alive at a day-care center.

President Hillary and the UN have responded formally by sending Jimmy Carter and Vice President Bill Clinton to New Palestine to insure that Israel doesn�t start taking territory back, especially Jerusalem! The UN is writing up war crimes papers to be delivered to the Prime Minister of Israel for firing back at 3 Mosques and one apartment complex in New Palestine, where missiles were fired.

In cultural news, Jews continue to join a national weight loss campaign so everyone can lose 10-20 pounds and make it seem that Israel has more land because smaller people can walk around easier than heavier people.

In other news, the clean up continues in Iraq as our troops find their dead and wounded from another dirty bomb attack from Iran. The military body count has climbed to 3456 soldiers and 35 Iraqis this week. Ahmadinejad has taken credit, along with Al Kae Da, calling the US military presence in Iraq simply a precursor to an attack against Iran, giving him the right to defend his country and its programs against an illegal invasion as US forces have done in Iraq.�

President Hillary and congress have washed their hands from any comments regarding the continued attacks against our military in Iraq, especially in light of the historic oil deal made last week with Iran and formal recall of our troops from Iraq. Rosie O�Donnell, Hillary�s press secretary was quoted as saying, �President Rodham is very sorry so many soldiers have been killed with this latest dirty bomb, but wants to point out that those soldiers chose to stay and finish their jobs, taking 30 days to exit the country rather than the 12 hours demanded by her and congress.� Congress is writing an apology letter to Iran for causing them to attack our troops out of fear of an invasion from the US. As a gesture to Iran, 4 more mosques are being built in New York and LA, reflecting the fundamentalist Islamic strain of Ahmadinejad�s faith.

In national news, the Supreme court has now ruled that the terms illegal alien and immigrant are now hate speech and a crime, Americans are now given 90 days to adjust their rhetoric, teaching, preaching, statements, and calling themselves US citizens. We are now members of the North American Union and although we refer to the bill of rights, that now defers to the UN and is considered a religiously biased document, reflecting bigoted history of the US. Now, we submit to the United Islamic States of the Middle East and Sharia law, who now rule the UN and the North American Union.

In domestic cultural news, the Supreme Court has also ruled that it is a crime to refer to the terms, Mom and Dad or Husband and Wife, as they alienate those of other sexual persuasions. The following terms are all now protected categories with special rights.; Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender, Fly sexual, Dog and pony sexual, Alien sexual, Manic sexual, Diseased and proud sexual, Atheist sexual and Revolving gender sexual, all having adoption rights, family rights, grant funding rights, employment rights in any church, and media rights. Heterosexuals are now considered a rare and hostile minority that must be reined-in.

Finally, the North American Union continues to reflect population growth and job creation as never before. Although most formerly middle class jobs are now gone, there are growing numbers of desperate seniors living in fields and making beaded necklaces for the Zeta gang members, now representing every major city. We are finally beginning to understand the experience of Third World countries because we are becoming one as we destroy and bury what culture, language, and traditions we once had. Real history and religion no longer exist as we are forced to submit to moral rot and Islamic fundamentalism. Our need for oil fans the fires of our endless false guilt.

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Please wake us all up from this potential nightmare! As citizens we must find a way to get involved on all issues surrounding the following: Protecting our REAL history, Judeo-Christian roots; Protecting and insisting on our continued sovereignty and borders; Identifying Islamic Fundamentalism as evil and the enemy, THEN attacking these ideologies straight on; Defending our faithful allies like Israel, instead of treating them as puppets! Finally, we must stop sacrificing our children to abortion, and their hearts and spirit to sexual evil, porn, amoral teaching and filth.

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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President Hillary and the UN have responded formally by sending Jimmy Carter and Vice President Bill Clinton to New Palestine to insure that Israel doesn�t start taking territory back, especially Jerusalem!