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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 4, 2008

We are in the whoop-it-up race for the next President�..bring on the popcorn, attack ads, scandals that are certain to surface, secret mistakes, addictions, lies or nastiness exposed by the person running on the other team. Then there will be the many Presidential contenders balancing yet again on one leg and trying to appeal to the ever-so- confused and non-committed middle. Of course, as many of the Presidential would-be stars try to act tough, they realize they must somehow draw the illegal alien vote, if not the dead people's vote.

During 2001-2008 we saw 19 near-miss attack attempts on our country alone. I outlined those in my last article. As I ponder this New Year and what is in store, I can hardly avoid seeing the danger we face, as a Nation having lost much of its spiritual core, roots and identity. Remember as you drink to the new year� is not a nation under Anna Nichols' ghost; a nation under Pee Wee Herman; a nation under Muhammad; a nation under Hillary and Bill, or a nation under the U.N. It was, and is, a nation under God that needs to get back on her knees, find some humility and pray for help. We must have moral clarity and courage from God to face the tyrannical evil of our time, Islamic Fundamentalism and Globalism.

Along with our moral confusion and meltdown over the years, that renders us almost impotent in defining evil, we seem to feel compelled to understand it, restore it, employ it and feel guilty for causing it! We exist, therefore we cause everything bad in the world!!!

Many of you believe the only danger we face is Bush and the Jews. In addition, it is our constant persecution of Muslim people that has manipulated this danger into our faces. It is our evil President and staff who have led us on a road to fascism and they are only interested in one thing-- stealing our freedoms.

Year five of a world war and we are still debating the validity of this war on terror. Is it a real danger? If it is only about the bungles of this Bush administration, how do you explain the non-stop attacks by Islamic radicals since 1979? I am horrified with Bush having saddled our Nation with globalism and the North American Union. We could go on and on in this realm. His sell-out from doing what is right can be seen by his constant refusal to pardon agents Ramos and Compean and demonize the Minute Men. Regardless of the globalism push from hell, the terrorist danger to the country is huge! Before he resigned, I remember former defense Secretary Rumsfeld attempting to answer the question, "is the terror threat exaggerated?" He was quoted as saying, "with this sort of enemy, we cannot afford and indeed could not survive another holiday from history. America has no choice but to go on the offensive". He urged patience with the Iraqi and Afghan governments as they build and grow as well. My concern is that many of us are still taking a holiday from history, and even worse, reality.

Remember, those of you with faltering brain cells, we were in Japan and Germany, rebuilding and restoring their infrastructure for many, many years after WWII, and, to this day, they are allies and friends. It took a long time and billions of dollars!

To sum up, successfully finishing Iraq isn't just about discovering mysterious weapons of mass destruction, but so much more. We ousted a living Hitler who murdered over a million of his own people, trained terrorists and used weapons of mass destruction against his own people. Many of you would disagree with me but I know what I just stated is true because I interviewed one of Saddam's own Generals formerly in his army!!! Our troops have found more then 500 of these weapons already. The media barely even mentioned them because they were the wrong "flavor" of W.M.D.s!


Other obvious things at play�..our foe is by nature a shadowy person, blending behind and through various governments, hiding behind dozens of titles, women, children, and names, but always "Fundamentalist Islamo Fascist" at the core. Remember, we have become unhinged and are messing-up the unholy trinity in the Middle East - Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Now, they have an awkward, but free, pro-American Government, breathing down their throats. You must realize, we are really fighting a war with Iran and Syria as we speak. Some of you perceive our presence there as nothing but a huge mistake. Here are some of the "mistakes" that have been made. Our troops have released from prison, myriads of little children. They have found over five hundred weapons of mass destruction. They have stopped Hussein and his two evil boys from further murders, terrorism, and rapes. They made, and are making, a HUGE statement to the Islamic Extremists worldwide-to those that respect ONLY strength! We have positioned our troops in vital areas in order to deal, when necessary, with Iran and its nuclear program!

We see constant threats in our headlights, here and abroad. Our enemy will most certainly win if we stumble again and again by assigning all our pathological empathy and sensitivity to the enemy, while they kill our troops and plan to kill our children.

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Congress and some of you have argued for some time about how to interrogate war prisoners. Our President and military leaders have said over and over they do not torture detainees. Yet, with some of the terrorists, they have exercised "pressure" because of the urgent need to stop a murderous plot! Then, how do some of us react? We focus on the feelings and mental health of the poor terrorist, serial killer, and not the fact that our CIA and troops may have saved a whole city from becoming a parking lot!!! Are we dumber than posts? No one is talking about lowering us to their level and brutalizing people! That has never been our style in ANY war. However, I hope to God that our troops, President and CIA will continue their pressure and have the capacity to be rude if they have to gleen critical information from these killers. My son and daughter might actually stay alive that way.

� 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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We are in the whoop-it-up race for the next President�..bring on the popcorn, attack ads, scandals that are certain to surface, secret mistakes, addictions, lies or nastiness exposed by the person running on the other team.