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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 28, 2007

The blood bath continues worldwide at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists! Now, we see Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, assassinated. The third murder attempt finally got her. She was the largest opposition leader to take on Musharif in the upcoming election and sane voice for democracy in the Region. She had dared to say, as her Father did (and was hanged), that she would try to destroy terrorism and pursue rights for all�.even those yucky and sinful creatures like women! Apparently, Al Kaeda and the Taliban didn�t want human rights pushed and freedom for all. It would have been a grievous offense to Sharia law (the Nazi rule book) and Mohammed. What would that do to all the folks being hired to murder people for not wearing cover, not praying enough, making the mistake of being gang raped, arguing with their husbands, and daring to have a pesky opinion? Kill them all I tell you!

As I think back over this last year and since 9/11, I find myself wanting to not only remember the gift Jesus gave us all at Christmas time, but NEVER forget the evil and enemy we face! Since 9/11 we have thwarted 19 terrorist attacks against America alone. I think it is critical to not forget these near misses and the courage and great work of our CIA, FBI, military and police. We are all too often very quick to point out all the communication problems, what is not working, who doesn�t get it�on and on. Nineteen times though, a whole lot of great Americans did something right for us and saved tons of lives. In between the festivities and food, remember the following attacks, THWARTED and thank God for America!

You may recall Richard Reid, December 2001 (he was the British guy, follower of Osama, who was hiding explosives in his shoes, aboard a flight from Paris to Miami) CAUGHT! BRAVO to all who caught him! The movie from hell continues with Jose Padilla, May 2002 (caught at O�Hare Airport having just returned from Pakistan. He was planning a dirty bomb for us all!) BRAVO AGAIN to US authorities! The ship of killers continues! Then there was the Lackawanna Six back in 2002 (They were the six New Yorkers and US citizens who were conspiring with terrorist groups). CAUGHT!

Then there was Iyman Faris in 2003 (arrested for conspiring to commit an act of terrorism. A nice guy from Kashmir who lived in Ohio and was a regular, middle America, nice terrorist). I DON�T REMEMBER MUCH IN THE MEDIA ABOUT ALL THESE PLOTS. DO YOU? The plots against us continued with the Virginia Jihad Network, caught back in 2003. (11 men who were up to no good, conspiring to support terrorist organizations and found to have connections with Al Kaeda) CAUGHT and STOPPED. CONTRATULATIONS to our authorities again!

The attack attempts continued in 2004 with Dhiren Barot, who lead a terror cell and wanted to attack the New York Stock Exchange. CAUGHT! Then there was James Elshafey and Shahawar Matin Siraj (they were plotting to bomb Madison Square Gardon and the subway station). Are you inspired yet? The near misses and plots against us in our OWN COUNTRY continue. Remember Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain in 2004 (they were planning to purchase a shoulder-fired grenade launcher and take out a few pesky planes). CAUGHT! Umer Hayat and Hamid Hayat, 2005 (more near attacks planned) CAUGHT! Levar Haely Washington, Gregory Vernon Patterson, Hammad Riaz Samana and Kevin James (they conspired to attack the Los Angeles National Guard facilities and synagogues, just to name a few) CAUGHT!

The blessings and sharing roll on with Michael Reynolds (had a plot to blow up a Wyoming natural gas refinery and pipeline) CAUGHT! Shouldn�t we listen though to the far lefters and America Haters as we reflect on all these near-miss murders? Let�s give all the terrorists talk shows, free treatment for therapy, a national apology for arresting them and ruining their plans to impress Mohammed and kill all us infidels!

There are more attack attempts if you can believe it! Thanks to much of our 5th column media you probably haven�t heard or don�t even remember most of these nasty characters and near misses!


I�m not done yet. There was Mohammad Zaki aAmawi, Marwan Othman El-Hindi, Zand Wassim Mazloum CAUGHT in 2006 (I would have arrested them for terror just because of their long, weird names). Actually, they were caught trying to kill and injure people in the middle east and supporting terror organizations. There was Syed Haris Ahmen and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee (These nice little terrorists were planning attacks in the D.C. area) CAUGHT!

All this space in my article was taken just reviewing attack attempts since 2001 in our country. Our near misses continue. We now see, Assem Hammoud, 2006, (this fine little killer, planned to attack underground transit links in New Jersey. There were 8 suspects CAUGHT in this one). I�m almost to 2007 folks! Hang on. Remember the deadly liquid Explosives Plot in 2006? (This was the plot that the Brits were able to stop where terrorists were planning to load 10 commercial airliners headed to the U.S., with liquid explosives! CAUGHT!

Now, we have survived to 2007. We have almost made it to HAPPY NEW YEAR! You may remember the near miss at Fort Dix in 2007. (Six men were arrested and planned to kill a ton of US soldiers with assault rifles and grenades) CAUGHT! We also saw in 2007 the JFK Plot. (Four guys planned to blow up a jet fuel artery that would run through residential neighborhoods at John F. Kennedy International Airport) CAUGHT! Finally, we have our lovely poster boy of Al Kaeda terror caught in 2007, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. (This guy was a very senior operative and terrorist for Osama Bin Laden and planned many attacks and bombings) CAUGHT!

As I ponder this last year and the last several years of near misses and danger we have faced, I must pause and THANK our brave, dedicated, and competent authorities, from plane officials, to FBI, CIA, Military, Police, Border Patrol, Minutemen and others who helped thwart and stop the INCREDABLE LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE�.OVER 19 CLOSE CALLS IN OUR COUNTRY ALONE!

If you haven�t figured it out yet from reading through all this that we have been in constant danger since 9/11�..then get a clue! In the election coming up, we MUST vote- in someone who will continue defining the REAL evil that continues to conspire against us. We must elect a President who will back our soldiers, CIA, FBI and other authorities continuing to face the Islamic Fundamentalist plots! Talking and negotiation is always nice if you are talking to sane people. Our enemy is ONLY defined by hate, evil and murder. It doesn�t matter how well you talk, apologize for being an American, or negotiate. You are still an Infidel and must die or be enslaved!

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Be vigilant, pray for our leaders and country and support our authorities! Some of you wouldn�t be reading this now if you didn�t live in this country and have a vast host of people, and defensive policies, working on your behalf!!! Some of those soldiers and authorities who did all this for us were Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. Surviving until 2008 has never been about living in red or blue states! It has been all about living in �red, white and blue� states as devoted Americans who love and serve God and country! Happy New Year to you all! May we catch a BUNCH more bad guys!!!

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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As I think back over this last year and since 9/11, I find myself wanting to not only remember the gift Jesus gave us all at Christmas time, but NEVER forget the evil and enemy we face!