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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 23, 2007

This last year I can hardly take a breath as I hear of assault after assault on parents, marriage, our children and our most basic traditions! You may recall the wonderful and glowing news of some schools now handing out birth control to our 11 year old girls! Us pesky parents should know that our 5th graders will be sleeping around and they have to have protection from pregnancy. You know as I do with the economy stretched in a time of war, abortions are expensive for a little girl. Lets try and keep her from them.

Of course, what am I thinking�..some schools in California will get your girl to an abortion clinic without even telling us parents. After all, it is confidential information. Why should a concerned parent know if their 13 or14 year old is doing something silly and small like MURDER and possibly hemorrhaging on a mystery-operating table? It is their right. WE HAVE NONE! Especially if you are a nasty Christian and actually think sleeping around and getting pregnant before marriage is wrong!!

Then there was good old Arnold and friends in California cleaning house of nasty, evil and racist words in school books like�..Mommy and Daddy�..Husband and Wife��Just think of the hatred behind those words. I have made the hideous mistake of saying them a few times, LIVE, on my national radio show. I am hoping the FCC doesn't fine my socks off!

They had to start purging the textbooks because a few gays, tries, flies, bies, trands and SHAMS might feel left out. Its just plain homophobe, racist and mentally ill to not include everyone in textbooks so lets wipe out the VAST MAJORITY OF FAMILIES in the USA!

Ok, what are the new books from hell going to define family as??? "Suzie loves her parents�..4 lesbians, 2 gay guys, 1 transgender, 3 undecideds, 2 dogs, a lizard, the ACLU, and an atheist Judge?"


So, this Christmas season I pause to reflect that I am a fossilized parent who wants to apparently deny the sexual rights of my children and actually guide them morally. How evil and short sighted of me. Oh yeah�.mental also. Lets ad up the list of syndromes I have�.Islamaphobe, homophobe, illegal alienaphobe�just to name a few. There is not enough medication for me!

The latest news I heard this week was about Judge Scott Johansen in Utah threatening to cease a Mom's children if she dared to home school them. She had been doing home schooling for 9 years and of course that was her right�..but then again�..the BIG and GRUMPY parent, the Judge and the public school had different definitions of rights. After all, if she continued to home school her children, they might not experience the joys of "gay silence day in school to honor gay kids," or get the much needed birth control pills, or hear the communist and atheistic roots of our country in history class. Christian roots be dammed. Truth of our history and support for our country be dammed.

In horror from the threat of losing her children, the Utah Mom enrolled her kids in public school. She has obviously rethought this and has since abandoned her very home, furniture and and fled to an undisclosed house in another state. She has no beds, no furniture, must be absolutely exhausted with this stupid fight from hell, but at least she is exercising her parental rights and caring the best she can for her kids.

Its absurd with all the fights put in our face these days that we must now work hard to protect our rights as parents and kids against rogue judges, many public schools, the ACLU and other pervert, anti American groups who want to indoctrinate and pollute the minds and bodies of our precious children.

Stand up and fight for your parental rights and protect your children!!! If you stand it may be easy. It may get ugly. It may be expensive and IT MIGHT SAVE THE HEART AND SOUL OF YOUR CHILD! Guide them with real morals, not politically correct bull rot! Here are a few tips for those of you who might be confused. This is what I have told my 11 year old girl. "It is physically dangerous and morally dead wrong for you to sleep around and have sex before marriage. Lets talk about those feelings, temptations and societal messages you hear in school and on the TV. I will support you as you grow, develop and struggle with sexuality but you will not have sex and I won't allow it even if you want it�..I love you and I will not turn you over to a trend, a physical temptation�.and Satan.

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If your kids are in a public school, stand up and be heard. Find out what is actually being taught to your children. Demand real history is taught in the school your kids go to and find out what "special" sex group is being crammed down their throat. If you find your public school is a nightmare of indoctrination, pull your kids out and find another alternative, like home schooling. Merry Christmas! Keep fighting the good fight and pray for our country.

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Of course, what am I thinking�..some schools in California will get your girl to an abortion clinic without even telling us parents.