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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 14, 2007

Doesn't it just give you the Christmas cheer! It was announced this week that our President had pardoned 29 more people before the years end. How generous! Now he is up to 149 in his Presidency. It is so nice to see how much giving spirit our President has. Lets see who Santa gave yummy candy to this season. There was a West Virginia man convicted of a drug charge, pardoned! Then there were the carjackers, pardoned; drug dealers, pardoned; and even a moonshiner pardoned.

One of the bravest and celebrated officers serving his country in Iraq, Lt. Col Jeffrey Chessani, caught in the obscenely distorted nightmare of Haditha, NOT PARDONED. Let this fine soldier rot in prison! He doesn't deserve a pardon. Why pardon Chessani when you have drug pushers to pardon. After all, they were only poisoning and ruining our children, while that idiot Chessani was protecting his men, killing terrorists and responding to gun fire in a war zone. Why would he deserve a pardon? I guess Santa only had coal to give Chessani.

Where is my Christmas spirit? Let me look in this bag over here and maybe I'll find it. Oh lookie here, then there are the two brave, award winning, border patrol agents, Ramos and Campeon who dared to confront a career drug runner, illegal alien Asbaldo Davila at the border. They were the only witnesses at the scene and said they saw something silver pointing at them after a scuffle. They fired in self-defense thinking their lives were in danger. Asbaldo keeps running to a getaway car, then off to Mexico. The agents didn't even know he was hit! Apparently though he was hit on the side of his hip, told his Mommy, then all kinds of crap hit the fan. You know the rest of the sordid story from hell.

The good guys, Ramos and Campeon got railroaded by prosecutor Sutton, using a misapplied law, partial declared facts to the jury and then there is the lying witness, Asbaldo who received immunity to testify against them. He has since been arrested bringing over more drugs by the way. The real heart warming part to this wonderful Christmas story is that Ramos and Campeon were sentenced to 11 and 12 years in prison. Careers ruined! Wives at home crying their eyes out! Little children desperate for their Daddies. Then there is BUSH, pardoning every thug known to human kind except the good guys WHO DESERVE NOT ONLY PARDONS BUT PROMOTIONS, MONEY AWARDS AND APPOLOGIES FROM EVERYONE!!!


I can't tell you how sick and nauseated I was reading the news this week about the 29 pardons Bush was so kind to give except of course for Libby. Libby didn't get pardoned and other then the description of all the drug thugs and car jackers he pardoned, the other headline was Scooter Libby didn't get one. WHO CARES! He got a huge break anyway with his sentence. Mercy came to Libby whether he deserved it or not!!

Given ALL the publicity that Bush knew about the brave soldier, Chessani, (in my view falsely charged in Haditha) and our heroes Ramos and Campeon, who Bush also knew a ton of details about, there was NO excuse not to pardon them! For ages now, congress has been going over this horrifying breach of justice. Congress and the President knows there is an appeal going on right now which has already revealed in court the Government's star witness lied under oath and was recently arrested for transporting drugs again! Rep. Hunter has been calling for a pardon along with many other congressmen weighing in on their behalf!

Even with all that in our President's lap, which would beg any missing link for a pardon, we see nothing from our President!

Don't talk to me anymore Mr. President about family values. Don't talk to me about no child being left behind. Obviously you left honor behind! Don't talk to me anymore about support for our troops when you ignored pardoning Chissani or any other soldier in trouble! Don't talk to me about national security or borders ever again when you chronically ignore our fine border patrol agents serving with honor. Mr. President, you know "pie squared" the truth about this absurd miscarriage of justice. It has been put in your face for over a year now.

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Just keep playing in your sand box of globalism, North American union sell out and kiss up to other governments and illegals. At least as we drink our Christmas tea and ponder the meaning of the season, we know where you are! Pardon me sir, but you are NOT PARDONED!!!!!! It is a crime that all these fine men were not pardoned quickly. You know better!

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Don't talk to me anymore Mr. President about family values. Don't talk to me about no child being left behind. Obviously you left honor behind!