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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 7, 2007

This last week we heard the big and bold announcement from our National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), that Iran had shut down its nuclear weapons program clear back in 2003. Allegedly Iran quit due to international pressure. It didn't take long before Bush backed the Intelligence statement publicly yet mentioned the continued danger of Iran.

Of course, the piranhas are circling worldwide with glee. Ahmadinejad is claiming victory and celebrating, while the far lefters are running with the speed of light to the alleged breach of Intelligence regarding Iraq. You know, the weapons of mass destruction that no one can find. It's the big movie, "Intelligence got it wrong with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," then the sequel, "Intelligence got it wrong with a nuclear weapons program in Iran."

The question is now, what is really going on here? Are we talking about another Bush moment? Is it all about his incompetence or an Intelligence breakdown over and over?

Could it possibly be something a little different, like a manipulated plant of disinformation by Iran? According to Ken Timmerman of that is exactly what has gone on. He points out in his article that although the NIE stated Iran had shut down its nuclear weapons program in 2003, that it was based on a single, unvetted source, which was through a foreign intelligence service. This source had not been interviewed by us in the US. Timmerman goes on to suggest that Newmax sources in Tehran believe that our Government has fallen for "a deliberate disinformation campaign", cooked up by the Revolutionary Guards, who put out fake information and fed it to the US through fake senior diplomats in Europe who were really Revolutionary Guard plants.

Who else is weighing in? According to the Jerusalem Post, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, although acknowledged the intelligence assessment, he still felt that Iran today was a central threat to the state of Israel and the world. In my opinion Israel has the best Intelligence in the world. They have had to to survive.

Regardless of the details of when and if Ahmadinejad started or stopped a nuclear program, one can still reference and listen to a steady stream of words and threats from his own mouth. Then there is his exhaustive terrorist past and current attacks and killing of our troops in Iraq. Regardless of our consistency and reliability of intelligence, there is a steady flow of lies, terrorist behavior, funding of other terrorist groups we do know for sure and intent to kill by Ahmadinejad. Remember, this is the rational guy who says the Holocaust never happened.

Once again the US has egg on its face internationally due to this latest Intelligence announcement. My gut level is this. It is too convenient and too predictable to suddenly believe that our Intelligence track was all wrong, including Israeli Intelligence. It also doesn't pass the laugh test that nothing is going on with nuclear weapons when Ahmadinejad was bragging less then a month ago about 3000 centrifuges and saying that nothing would stop his nuclear plans. Then there is his track record of terror; kidnappings clear back to the 79-hostage situation in Tehran. Further, we see his threats to Israel, disbelief of the holocaust and belief that he is a key figure in an end of day's battle to bring the Madi out of the well. Hark! This guy is a regular star on Mayberry RFD.

Along with believing that the dangers are still real and in our face, I also believe it is paramount that we do improve our Intelligence community. Dr. Harvey Cushner came on my show last night and said just that. Our Intelligence community has really changed over the last 50 years with the onset of the Internet and Satellite capability. We can virtually read a paper in a dark room from space now. The problem he suggested was that too many agents don't know what to do with all the information we get. We also saw years ago the push to handling Intelligence in more and more "polite" ways. Our sources had to be ever so clean. Never mind you are dealing with crime families in 3rd world countries. In other words, we have been pushed, lectured, taught and preached about boxing with proper rules, while the other side just puts cyanide on their gloves and fingers that have explosive knife tips. Rules to Islamic Fundementalists have always been made to be broken, knowing inside and out that we, the enemy will be distracted and trapped in guilt to keep all the rules.

We must put real professionals again in Intelligence, with real people training our agents and recruiting the type of employees who can be rude and mingle in with the bad guys to get REAL info that is needed. I'm not talking about creating and manipulating "bad" agents but ones who can "act" and infiltrate into the scary organizations and get to the bad guys. We don't need statistical probabilities for Intelligence, manipulated by polls and media. We also must not fall for what I believe is total manipulation by Iran to distract the world away from their nuclear program. To believe Ahmadinejad's efforts have stopped or are benign is to slit our own throat and perhaps Israel's!

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Finally, we need to really take this opportunity for a moment to step back and assess how we are approaching this world war in the first place and what is going wrong. We must realize that Islamic Fundamentalism is world wide and has an agenda to forcibly convert or kill us. It isn't about one or two countries, or Bush, it's about stopping the spread of Islamic extremist, domination! That may mean coming down hard on certain Mosques where subversive talk goes on against our country and troops; standing up to CAIR and other activist Muslim groups who intimidate, sue and threaten; watching and taking apart the Muslim training camps scattered across our country where weapons training is occurring and finally, outlawing Sharia law in this country.

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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We must put real professionals again in Intelligence, with real people training our agents and recruiting the type of employees who can be rude and mingle in with the bad guys to get REAL info that is needed.