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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 30, 2007

Welcome to the party! We are fighting the Unholy Trinity! We are facing a war on our common sense and children, a war on our treasured and historical values and a war with fundamentalist Islam. It is the unholy Trinity. First, this week I recall reading the glory of Christian leaders asking for Muslim forgiveness. They went on and on in their "loving" letter talking about the "relative" nature of both religions, both coming from Abraham and worshiping the same God. Just a small detail here�..IT IS NOT THE SAME GOD. Muhammad is the moon god. Why confuse anyone though with the theological facts and truth if you are crawling and apologizing, hoping Islamic leaders will suddenly change the heart of their religion and teaching and start honoring infidels instead of killing them? Maybe while we are kissing up and showing weakness they might lower their oil prices!

The Christian leaders apologized in the letter for the crusades and lack of love over the hundreds of years. We must have been rude in history as we held off the Muslim attempts then at conquering the world. After all it is a Religion of Peace and we MUST be ALWAYS loving even when armies threaten to slaughter and behead you. Be polite as you walk to your grave if you are a good Christian.

More peace, as we see the British teacher in the Sudan who was in court this week facing 40 lashes and 6 months in prison because her class named a cute little stuffed animal Muhammad. At least the Religion of peace had mercy on her and gave her a suspension on the whipping and only 15 days in jail and deportation from their country. Who cares about the little children who now won't have a loving teacher anymore?

Then there is the peaceful moment in Saudi Arabia of sentencing a 19-year-old woman with 90 lashes after she was gang raped. Why, because she was convicted of being with men she didn't know. After that sin and after telling the media about her sentence, her lawyer lost his job and career and the court has upped her lashes to 200. Thank God for justice. She should be very very sorry. The Saudis should be very happy with themselves for their growing display of character and societal development. With this display of justice they have apparently evolved to the missing link era! See what wealth and oil do?

This last year alone they can now celebrate their 136th beheading. I'm so glad we come from the same religious root! Maybe the same Christian leaders who wrote the apology to the Muslim leaders can apologize to the Saudi Government on her behalf and the rest of us.

In the other crazy making news regarding Muslim sensibilities is the meeting at Annapolis this week. We had Hitler number 2 heading Iran calling for an end to Israel saying it's a matter of time before Israel ceases to exist. Syria is wanting and manipulating the Golan Heights back. Who cares if Israel actually won that land in a war with Syria when Israel was the one attacked?

So far one of the quotable quotes from the Annapolis meeting was by our own President, saying that the terror has to stop whether it is from Israelis or Palestinians. Dumb head here just wants to know how many wars has Israel started? How many terror strikes has Israel been responsible for? None! Didn't Israel agree to a two state solution clear back in 1948 with Palestine? Yes! Didn't all the Arab countries including Palestinians say no, Yes! Hasn't Israel tried and tried to make peace, offer jobs to Arab neighbors and seek peace? Yes! Hasn't Israel been attacked non-stop by its Arab neighbors? Yes! So why should Israel be manipulated and shame attacked into giving back key land it won in war? If you think that action of submission will secure peace for the region, you need to read the Koran and really listen to the words of Muslim fundamentalists. They will stop at nothing until Israel and Jews are gone from the planet!!! Giving away the West Bank, � of Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights would just be the beginning!!!

Another dimension in the war is the war on our common sense, kids and values. We saw the last few weeks a school in Iowa was having a "gender-bender" day where the boys were to dress like girls and visa versa. As you can imagine, tons of kids were taken out of the school and are now home schooled by their very angry parents. The school that did this enlightening activity should be happy the school wasn't blown up after hours! At least we have Kathleen Wolf who has proposed legislation in Massachusetts to make a law so parents would be prohibited from spanking or laying a hand on any child under age 18, unless it was to wrest them from danger. Spanking would be considered abuse or neglect.

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It's amazing how the war on terror continues to grow and morph into new territories. At least we have another school showing concern for their 11-year-old girls by offering them birth control pills. Lets see now, my daughter dare not hear about that pesky Jesus or see a manger scene, that would be a rude distraction while she is receiving her Muslim indoctrinazation in class. At least she can get birth control pills, cross dress and turn her parents into the authorities if we dare to spank, if we live in the wrong state.

Can someone bring me my medication?

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Another dimension in the war is the war on our common sense, kids and values. We saw the last few weeks a school in Iowa was having a "gender-bender" day where the boys were to dress like girls and visa versa.