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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 24, 2007

What is the word I'm looking for? Avoid, attack, talk, avoid, attack , talk. Negotiate, give up surrender, negotiate, give up surrender. If only we could all get along. We just don't understand Islam. If only we weren't Islamaphobics. What's your word?

I was more than a little disturbed not long ago when I read the views of an Arab in Israel sharing his view to a friend regarding the Islamic militants and the real danger we all face. He felt that with the next to lame response from Israel in fighting Hesbolla and not taking them out, but fighting in a politically correct way, stroke at a time, then retreat, Israel had lost major ground to its foe because of the soft approach. He said: "the whole Moslem world not only the Arabs, simply couldn't believe that the mighty Israeli Army that defeated the combined Arab forces in six days in 1967, and almost captured Cairo and Damascus in 1973, couldn't defeat a small army of Hesbolla men. As usual the Moslems see things the way they want to see things. Most think that the present generation of Israelis have gone soft and can be defeated."

He went on to put these chilling views right in your and my laps. "The American bumbling of the war in Iraq only added to their conviction that victory not only over Israel but also over the West is not only possible, but certain. Once again, this glee that our enemy has everything to do with our softness, second guessing ourselves, politically correct and sanitized rules of engagement, and our split personality at home regarding fighting the enemy."

It's so much easier to attack Bush, blame this war on Islamaphobia and oil and lose the will to really win. He went on later in his letter to put neon lights on the very real danger of Iran to the world. He pointed out that it represents along with Islamic fundamentalists everywhere a graver danger than WW11 and Hitler.

We must wake up and stop showing confusion, weakness and shame. Civil liberties is nice, but not to our enemy. Visiting and Talking is nice, but not with this enemy. It is no mystery that this is an army stretched around the globe and taking their imperialistic hatful and murderous message to city after city and culture after culture. Just look through their viewfinder and you will find Christians and Jews on the other side. Like the way the cross hairs feel on your forehead? I don't.

Snap out of it and take the IV and drugs out of your arm!!! We are fighting a foe more dangerous than the Nazi party and the thugs of WW II. They have a sea of suicide bombers and Judaists ready to sacrifice their lives for Allah and take thousands of us into the after life.

The reason we are so vulnerable folks is that we fail to really understand how many dimensions and platforms the enemy is practiced up and fighting on. Our legal system, courts, bogus lawsuits diving into endless civil liberties and Islamaphobia issues from fantasy Island are crazy making! Then there are the schools forcing Muslim awareness training and exercises and Imams suing for civil liberties violations on airplanes. What is the war tactic and end game one can plainly see? Lets force the change of school curriculum, intimidating schools to teach about Islam or we cry racism and civil liberties violations. We can also change the rules on flights and Airlines out of fear of lawsuits and bad press. Lets convert men in prison who are already angry. We will offer them family type help, then pull them right in.

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Americans have woken up very weak the last few decades and have forgotten who they are. In my opinion, our danger is more about our confusion, lack of identity and clarity than what the enemy wants and plans to do. Oh confused and ever so polite ones���We are a nation founded on Judeo Christian principles. Millions have bled and died in several wars to stop the curse of evil in past generations in taking out the light of freedom and hope, we must realize this is not about a political party, a certain President or made up oil scheme. It's about killers using all kinds of strategies who plan to come right into your living room. Tell your therapist and mommy to go home, load your gun and pray very hard.

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Americans have woken up very weak the last few decades and have forgotten who they are. In my opinion, our danger is more about our confusion, lack of identity and clarity than what the enemy wants and plans to do...