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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 9, 2007

Mark Twain said it best in one of his quotes clear back in the 1800s. "Suppose you were an idiot. Now suppose you were a member of congress�. but then I repeat myself." Sometimes I feel like most of congress would do much better if they were sent to star in a reality TV show called, "Sink the ship". We talk about systemic issues in this political season that actually threaten and affect our country and I wonder if congress actually has a clue as to define, deal with and control or stop danger to us. There are more levels of danger than you might think!

First of all, we are a nation surrounded by a war with Fundamentalist Islamics. We've been attacked since the 70s by a group that acts like the new Nazi party. Buildings and people continue to blow up as we struggle with even defining the enemy, their ideology and strategies worldwide! In between inviting Ahmadinejad to speak at the U.N. and our major universities like Columbia, teaching the "religion of peace" in many of our schools and waxing ever so intimidated by Islamaphobia accusations from various civil liberty groups, we can certainly begin to understand the dangerous times we are in.

Iran has announced this week that there are 3000 centrifuges now in Iran��almost beyond the point of no return, where the nuclear threat is out of control. Of course you peacemakers know that this development is their right and they only want this to create electrical energy. The Islamic extremist agenda to impose worldwide domination and Sharia law is REAL and growing; anti Semitism, Jew and Israel hatred is also real and growing, but there are some other deadly threats to our existence that are also real and in our face. What do I speak of?

I'm talking about pervasive, manipulative and off the charts lying to the American people by many in Government who play with statistics, accounting and numbers because of greed. They lead us to believe certain stats are true but THEY ARE NOT! I call it an old fashion, rude and hate speech word�..LYING! OUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO US ABOUT AND MANIPULATING DATA TO KEEP THE COST-OF-LIVING INDEX LOW. Jerry Corsi points out in his Nov 8th article at that the Social Security payments of Americans receive roughly HALF of what they are supposed to be getting if the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported THE CONSUMER PRICE INDEX HONESTLY. This information actually comes from a veteran econometrician, John Williams of On his site he has numerous mind boggling articles exposing the endless LIES and manipulation of numbers. Does anyone care if half your social security payments are being stolen?

Does anyone care that in 2003 alone our government operations were in a shortfall of $3.7 trillion. John Williams puts that in perspective for us in his article "Federal Deficit Reality" at that even if our Treasury seized all our salaries and wages with a 100% tax THERE WOULD STILL HAVE BEEN A DEFICIT. 2004 numbers are much worse and oh yeah��we are in 2007! Now we hear this week that major trading partners and US debt owners like China are talking about dropping U.S. currency in favor of more secure currencies.

The bottom line is, right now we are surviving because of our strategy to get more loans and deal with our over the top and tornado like debt spiraling our currency into monopoly money! No wonder we are stealing from our seniors and lying about it! I guess we hope that the masses just trust our Government much like many of us blindly trust medical doctors. They can do no wrong either.

As I ponder the reality of the political lies and use of our dwindling money, the world domination danger of Islam and our moral melt down, I find myself looking for deeper themes that might relate all the above threats in some way that could explain such behavior. I will just say it. What is infecting our decisions regarding this very real war against Islamic Fundamentalists, our manipulated stats regarding money and our moral decline? IT IS A LYING SPIRIT that has no conscience or awareness as to how to define REAL right and wrong because the only one qualified to define right and wrong, good and evil, GOD, has been fired and turned into a fossilized museum exhibit!!! Therefore, you have politicians deitizing themselves, expanding "the end justifies the means" strategy of governing, therefore lying about numbers and accounting and stealing from our seniors!!! We can just borrow more to keep the manipulative scheme of our national debt rolling around and around�����but what if China does what they say and shift away from U.S. currency? Its called���lets race to a national depression.

The good news is we can all play monopoly with our worthless money! Hark! Do I sense a Government solution regarding our currency going to hell fast? Why yes, its called�� introduce the new and improved currency, AMERO reflecting our new TRI COUNTRY North American Union. Isn't that special. I'm sure they all have our best interests in mind. After all our seniors are old and they will die soon anyway. Why double and correct their payments now? Also, the multinational corporations need slave labor and we are too greedy as U.S. citizens and actually want to be paid real wages, so they have to import Mexican slave labor. Of course they won't call it slave labor�..its compassion�.its employing people who will only do the jobs you won't do�..its competing internationally��.oh yea�..and IT'S A STINKING ROTTEN SERIES OF GREEDY LIES.

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To win the war against Muslim fundamentalists, we need to have real rules of engagement, identify the real enemy and destroy them before they destroy us. To win the war with our out of control debt, we have to tell the truth about our debt, stats and not steal because we are desperate, greedy and scared. Our Government has to stop wasting money. To win the war about rewritten history and drifting education in our schools, we have to bring God back into our moral fabric as a people and a nation again. We have to stop being posers and start praying that God forgives us, empowers our thoughts and lives and blesses and protects our nation. Finally, while re-establishing and keeping our vision clear and grounded for our country we have to demand accountability from our leaders!!!

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The good news is we can all play monopoly with our worthless money! Hark! Do I sense a Government solution regarding our currency going to hell fast? Why yes, its called�� introduce the new and improved currency...