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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
April 27, 2007

It is sadly and vividly clear our national �over do and under do� with first amendment rights and rights in general. In so many ways we see a growing protected class, illegal aliens, terrorists, those with potty mouths if spoken from the �right� person, sexual persuasion of the �experimental� and �unique� kind. The bottom line is if you are a flaming liberal, who has a beef with your country, break at least immigration laws on your way to delivering drugs, and are at least inventing new ways to experiment with your ever so sensitive sexuality, open your mouth and speak, no roar because your rights matter! Your victims can shut up! God can shut up! Our laws on the border can go to hell! Not only rights of the �special� matter, but as Osbaldo Davila found, you can sue the border patrol for civil liberties violations for millions when border patrol agents dare to try and stop you and your drug shipment from coming across the border. HOW RUDE! Of course Osbaldo Davila had to sue! His business was stalled for a moment.

Fortunately he found prosecutor Sutton to remind him of HIS rights and to persecute Agent Ramos and Campeon, throw them in prison for 11 and 12 years! Good riddance I say! Those two agents were denying the rights of Davila and just think of the endless, desperate customers without drugs. Since he was an illegal Mexican, there had to be endless HATE and RACISM involved as well.

We have apparently gone a bit psycho with how to assign �rights� correctly and according to our founding documents!!! Last I heard, we are not the United States of Mexico but US citizens. Last I heard, illegal aliens and terrorists were criminals not �soon to be millionaires from law suits and heroes to the left!!!� They are criminal, trespassing thugs and MUST be stopped. As we all know by now, along with a few poor Mommies coming across the border illegally to pick crops, the rest of the majority are opportunistic and entrepreneurial drug runners, gang members, pedophiles, or terrorists�.but again�.oh, lets meditate on their rights!

We have other rights to think about as well. How is it that so many terrorists from Gitmo and illegal alien drug experts have so many civil liberties and have found so many attorneys to sue for them??? How many types of shame is that? The parade of �special rights� continue almost as a weekly TV crime drama. Of course, you all remember that incredibly rude other border patrol agent, agent Hernandez, thankfully, who is also in prison now for shooting the back tires out of a car full of illegal aliens who tried to run him over. Sadly, bullet fragments wounded two of the illegal. Hark! Another civil rights law suit. Of course they won and money flew back at them, while evil Hernandez rots in prison! Didn�t he understand that he was supposed to take it like a man! When a car load of 8 illegal aliens tries to run you down and kill you, smile, say a prayer then die politely! How racist for anyone to respond!

The last few years practically all we heard was endless speeches form members of congress and the media about the horrible rights violations and treatment of Gitmo detainees. When the 3 high up Al Kaeda guys did an asymmetrical war tactic and committed suicide together���.our liberals and media played right into their hands. Oh the poor terrorists! What horror did our troops put upon them to make them so desperate?

Never mind the pathetic and obvious!!!��Islamic radicals tend to kill themselves, knowing that the virgins await them. Its called asymmetrical warfare and it is a VERY COMMON strategy in their war against us Infidels! With a confused, self-hating foe like us, why wouldn�t they play every suicide, legal and PR card? Da! We and our courts are sitting ducks as we continue to excuse �rights� with pathetic excuses to commit crimes and jihad against America.

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Maybe we could try defending the �rights� of our citizens again, �common sense� again, �God and OUR country,� and allow more of us to get wealthy rather then the endless perverts, illegal aliens and terrorists, screaming about �rights abuses.�

� 2007 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.

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We have other rights to think about as well. How is it that so many terrorists from Gitmo and illegal alien drug experts have so many civil liberties and have found so many attorneys to sue for them?