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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 25, 2016

The suicidal GOP continues to fall on the floor awkwardly, rolling around in their ongoing panic attack over Trump and his continued surge forward. “We have to stop this guy at all costs.” “We must change the GOP rules at a contested convention.” “We have our candidates who fit nicely on our establishment kiss up leash…perhaps Romney and Kasich can fit the bill.” They just can’t have Trump, the man off their leash who intends to repair, inspire and build back the real America. That would be the end to many of their jobs, sell outs and power.

Even as Cruz continues to insult and attack his way forward (in between scripture sharing of course) ‘uncontrollable wild-man Trump’ continues his lead. The battle is fierce and it continues.

Now, we see Cruz’s latest chess move against Trump is to attack his wife Melania. Cruz’s people released an ad showing a suggestive, 16 year old photo of Melania at a GQ magazine photo shoot. Cruz is attacking with comments like, “You don’t want someone like that in the White house do you?” Naturally, Trump is striking back at Cruz’s wife Heidi, saying he will spill the beans on her.

Heidi and Ted just play the threatening response from Trump as evidence that he is a sexist, liar and woman hater of sorts. The whole nation is wondering what ‘beans’ Trump may have on Heidi. Even with the back and forth attacks between Cruz and Trump, some beans are most clear about ‘high ground’ Heidi. We know she works for Goldman Sachs and is on a leave for a time to help her husband’s campaign. Heidi is known to work for the Council on Foreign Relations – a New world order and anti US Sovereignty hub of power. It is also known that ‘high ground’ Heidi worked hard to keep illegal aliens coming into the U.S. It may not be an old and alluring 16-year-old photo but looks like current sellouts and treachery with her former and not so former associations. I prefer an old and pretty photo myself.

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Will Trump continue his lead and growing delegate count with all the vicious and growing attacks? Well…time will tell, but so far Trump delegates are saying they will stand with Trump. They will not change their vote at a contested GOP convention. There are just not enough therapists available for the GOP and anti Trump attackers right now. I’m so sorry. Pick yourselves up and get ready for real healing, confrontation and change back to the real U.S.A. Vote right and pray hard.

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Though it has been nearly 70 years since the GOP has had a brokered convention, the establishment is leaking and screaming that they may do just that. All this is due to the surge and popularity of Donald Trump.