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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 2, 2015

Tax operation – Full team needed - STAT

America must have clear, bold and courageous changes in our tax and regulation system. No, we need a whole paradigm shift with a President, House and Senate ready to crush the out of control, unethical and UN Constitutional IRS system. The IRS acts more and more like an out of control Octopus, squeezing the life and air right out of us all. Conservatives, anti-Obama citizens, tea party groups, gun owners, achievement and energy companies are in the IRS – suckage cross hairs.

It is beyond tragic and obscene that millions of jobs have gone overseas simply because of loan shark like taxes and regulations.

Taxes at home

Historically, most of us get the need for some sort of taxation to pay for roads, defense and basic needs that affect most people. However, long ago, greedy political sellouts morphed the IRS and its regulation relatives into a crime family type cartel. It has long been taking more and more of our income and stealing billions in profit from a multitude of U.S. businesses forcing them abroad to survive. This out of control nightmare of disappearing businesses and evaporating income has been growing strong since the 1960s.

What to do

First we need Presidential contenders who have a clear passion about this…fix it for real. This will take vision, courage, guts and a plan that is way more than a dribble of ‘promised tax cut’ words we always hear from GOP guys.

Trump has so far come forward with a major tax plan designed to stop punishing businesses for achievement in the U.S. by dramatically cutting their taxes, while dropping income tax. He also is offering bold cuts and incentives for U.S. businesses to return home and thrive. Details are unfolding and I like what I see. I want to hear bold and real talk regarding our out of our control tax system from other candidates also.

I have no more patience for more predictable GOP tax talk. We need real passion fueling a real belief that the IRS is wrong, out of control and must be completely stopped, purged or brought down to ‘GI JOE’ size and controlled. Incomes must be freed up and businesses must have incentives to make money, keep their profit, or why even try? Why even dream or start up a business if you know the ‘godfather’ IRS and its relatives are waiting to take and redistribute most of what you have?

As I have screamed for years in my articles and on my show…the ‘Un Holy Trinity’ of taxation – regulation – litigation is killing America. That has always been the idol progressives and Obama worship at the base of. Obama-progressive minds are passionate about their right to take our hard earned income and redistribute it all around to those who won’t work and are happy to be enslaved. They are just as passionate about demonizing and punishing businesses and hyperventilate with ecstasy as they strangle them with regulations and capital gains taxes. It is no wonder that we see the giant of America shrinking as businesses are forced to go over seas to survive.

Let us bring back dreams, exceptionalism and wealth to America again. We have had enough of taxation, regulation, redistribution of income (what’s left of our income) and assault on our core values.

Candidates…this is for real and so not about you and your career but about saving the only real light on a hill…America. We have been under massive abuse and assault under Obama and his minions and it is time it all stopped.

What must be on the plate of any new President and leadership team?

We need a leader who has detailed plans, courage and passion to do the following:

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1. Overhaul our tax system
2. Build back freedom, fairness and common sense in our health care system
3. Build back and restore our downsized and assaulted military
4. Stop the illegal alien invasion and multi billion-dollar crime spree we have been forced to endure for decades.
5. Confront and crush radical Islam in all its forms here and abroad where needed.
6. Create career jobs and fuel business freedom. Gives us ability and reason to ignite dreams and businesses again.
7. Build back our Judeo-Christian values and moral core.

Let us together believe in America, freedom and achievement again. Pray, stand and vote right in 2016. We have a lot to do and we WILL win. Evil WILL lose.

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It is beyond tragic and obscene that millions of jobs have gone overseas simply because of loan shark like taxes and regulations.