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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 18, 2015

Tough and real talk – Return of freedom and Judeo-Christian values - Common sense job solutions – Return of American spirit and real border defense

America says ENOUGH of 50-yard lines

Americans have seen the political show a million times. We know the script because we wrote it. In the typical and past election movie cycles we have scene it in technicolor – Meet the needs of females, minorities and Muslims -- with a dash of amnesty once we secure the boarders – of course we never intend to.

We are promised more jobs yet tens of thousands of career path jobs are robbed from us in the oil, coal and energy industry. Instead we are forced to pay higher utility bills and be happy about more and more taxation.

50 – yard line hopefuls are also ignoring and violating our children with Common Core

We might as well send our kids off to ‘Hitler’s mind grooming camp’. We are told to live with Common Core, which is literally stealing the minds and achievement potential of our children. Just as planned by the progressives and many Republican politicians such as Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee. There are shockingly more who have just followed the wave instead of led and protected.

Now, Common Core’s violations and manipulations are becoming all too clear all across the country. Judeo-Christian values are being mocked, downplayed and thrown out . It is rewriting our nations history and real context while pushing all of Islam, except the truth and danger parts. Common core is fueled by millions of dollars of Islamic money, progressive-Communist minds and those who simply plan to create a blob of ‘oneness’ with our kids. Achievement, uniqueness, faith and exceptionalism are all in the way.

We have been told from the beginning of Obama’s reign of horror to be ashamed of America. Christians get off their high horse. Look the other way and shut up about radical ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Islamic radicals imported in ‘army size’ amounts and transplanted into mostly Republican states.

Our own Supreme Court has now flipped their middle finger at God almighty with ‘forced’ gay marriage and also given the finger at the masses, businesses, churches, schools and culture. Now, there is almost nowhere to hide if you disagree with the rogue rulings that are anti Constitutional and anti Holy Bible. That is unless you will or can fight in court, will march in the streets and face jail. Persecution of Christians and real conservative patriots is growing like an out of control – toxic weed. Will it render the entire American crop ruined? No it will not, but we all most fight with all we have.

The ongoing national emergency and rape to us all -- illegal immigration, has long ago been turned into a race war with a name calling Disneyland fueled by the progressives. We are trained to ignore the facts entirely, that over 1/3 of our prisons are filled with illegal aliens. We are to ignore the daily rapes, murders, robberies and identity crimes at the hands of illegal aliens. Then there is the multi billion-dollar drug trade flowing up across our borders we are not to really comment on. Workers are so nice when needed but what about the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars spent on prison time, food stamps, free and reduced housing, free health care and other Government freebies gutting our economy?

While fighting for our very lives, freedom and culture we have the next Presidential election cycle of 2016

Given what we have been barely enduring and trudging through is it any wonder that outsiders and candidates from the ‘real world’ are soaring to the top of the polls? Their is no manner of therapy or help the GOP establishment can find these days. Donald Trump just won’t go away. Critics desperately try and find new ways to minimize him, bash him create scandals to throw at him. Some of the scared GOP candidates have gone after him as well and every time they do, their polls go lower and lower. Outsiders Trump and Ben Carson just go higher. America does not want more of the same ever again.

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No one running is perfect and without blemishes, but Donald Trump is the only one of them all that is really addressing the financial, legal and national security violation of illegal immigration. He has called it for what it is…a national rape in every way. I have been screaming this for 16 years on national radio and in my columns. Most others on the GOP side play dangerously close to amnesty and the 50-yard line. Us American movie writers have long known that all that most of the candidates want is to manipulate the Hispanic vote. They view people as ‘useable widgets’ just like the democrat’s do.

America has been praying out loud, crying and begging for someone to have the guts and character to go against the crown jewels protected by the progressives -- our illegal alien nightmare. So far, Trump is it and swinging hard. Too bad – so sad for those of you who want a counselor and kiss up in the White House. We must have a warrior this time folks. It is time for a patriotic Christian who loves America, won’t apologize for being one and will get stuff done again without destroying all of us in the process.

Vote right. Pray right and live right. Find out more about me at:

� 2015 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Some of the scared GOP candidates have gone after him as well and every time they do, their polls go lower and lower. Outsiders Trump and Ben Carson just go higher. America does not want more of the same ever again.