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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 11, 2015

Only 6 debates – How will America know what the DNC Candidates stand for?
Don’t worry, for those of us with short attention spans. It won’t take but one debate to know exactly where the wanna be Presidents of the DNC stand. Hark, we already know in Technicolor from their ego heavy lips. All the contenders so far have had many years a of streaking across the stage of America – an act of frightening terror in itself. Some Americans should simply keep their clothes on and lips shut.

Lets start with the big DNC Candidate picture they all drop down from

First, lets look at the continuous Hillary transformations and makeovers. How many face-lifts, botox moments and hair changes can you have? Truthfully, after years of watching her disappear along with her endless Government emails, there are no amount of debates, scientists, therapists or cool TV show appearances that can magically create a caring personality that real Americans will trust and attach to. So sorry Hillary.

Don’t forget that this is the former Secretary of State who along with Obama oversaw the lies, cover-ups and murders of Former Ambassador Stevens and staff in Benghazi. She has always been and always will be a nightmare – Disney land of lies and cover-ups. That is what her and Billy do…they sell Government nuclear material and info to other Governments. They play the foundation and charity game garnering hundreds of millions from dangerous, Muslim and other foreign regimes. Then there is her current game of her missing server and emails….full of national security info that as usual damages America.

Power queen Hillary had better be careful with this latest scandal of magic servers and emails that disappear. She may find that this is really a Game of ‘Sorry’ and she will be the one sorry, not America. I notice in the media she is trying the apology card…still playing the victim and clueless card. “I didn’t know…it was someone else…the system is damaged…it was bad judgment and I shouldn’t have done it. The losing ‘sorry’ card is in her face…so she is bringing out everything.

Now, she is trying this angle of going after Obama. “You need someone who will really care about you.” - LOL. Remember, she is the tortured and persecuted ‘first’ woman who cares about us all. Obama and Hillary hate each other and fought for power from the beginning. The only thing different about Hillary is she is a different color of stark evil than Obama. They both wanted to be King and Hillary got sold out. Her evil and controlling intentions had to slip, slide and wait. However, I don’t believe America is quite ready for another treasonous horror movie.

Now, the compromised DNC is nervous. All they really have is a ship of compromised, socialist – communist, liars who only know how to feed the monster under the stairs while rewarding worshipers and voters.

The potential horrors

Al Gore – What do we see in this bag of tricks? Horror show of lies, slamming our troops, lying for endless years about the science of global warming and frankly, getting tons of our troops killed in Viet Nam due to lies and false accusations of them torturing, raping and maiming civilians. Then, of course, once he sold out everyone and made sure that American media turned against returning soldiers…you know the rest of the story. It has been decades of pain, loss and rejection of our brave troops. Thank you Al Gore and his sell out traitor friends.

Joe Biden – Naturally he is wanting to run. He is the ultimate hipster and yes man of Obama. He dreams of power, control and big taxes. Whenever we have seen him speak there is bulging in his cheeks. No, it is not a growth. Rather it is his big and compromised foot, which lives in his mouth. It floats. It bobs. It weaves and kicks hard but never hits the mark.

Bernie Sanders – socialist, big taxation – pervert. I supports giving everything to everyone and punishing the conservatives and Christians. He is the one that has written about women loving sex with multiple men and fanaticizing about being raped (not by one man) by many at the same time.

Just think of the growth America could have with Berney at the helm. Maybe we could then outlaw marriage between a man and a woman and offer incarcerated rapists a UNION card and financial help.

The boring and usual stuff DNC candidates all stand for in the DNC camp…pro Gay marriage…pro any sex rights imaginable…pro – abortion and pro – planned parenthood – pro monster taxes – pro kiss up to Islam and evil around the world – pro violation of religious rights and constitutional rights. Pro – targeting of conservatives and Christians. Pro – Islam and slamming of Israel.

Why bore us all and take up media time with even 6 debates. All the DNC wanna bes are old rerun movies.

Vote in 2016 like your life depended on it. It just may. Do not be suckered in by lies, race baiting, manipulations and ‘I feel your pain and will fix it’ speeches. Look for the foundation that really fits classic America…not raped and changed America. Wake up everyone now.

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Stand only for a solid pro America stance. For those of you who forgot what that looks like here it is. That means operating from Judeo-Christian values. That means we fly our plane with the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Americans protect freedom here and abroad where needed. We protect and defend capitalism, business, achievement, then share it. We stand against tyranny and evil and defend our people and our allies.

We will bring America back all right. The train is leaving the progressive-Obama change station now. You know what to do in the 2016 election. Now do it. America…NO, the world is depending on us.

Find out more at Help me get back on the air. Together we can make a big difference.

� 2015 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Bernie Sanders – socialist, big taxation – pervert. I supports giving everything to everyone and punishing the conservatives and Christians. He is the one that has written about women loving sex with multiple men and fanaticizing about being raped (not by one man) by many at the same time.