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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 21, 2015

Progressive power brokers that think they are bigger than God like Google, plan to protect, groom, edit, face lift and present the ‘white out Hillary’ to you. They think they are the 4th person of the Trinity and will decide the 2016 election - not the people or God.

Articles and conservative journals covering the smelly and true armpit side of Hillary will get thrown into the super sonic fast shoot out into space. Google has been caught, now in neon highlights, not driving conservatives to the journals anymore thus stealing advertising revenue that would keep conservative journals alive. As planned, many conservative journals are dying and millions don’t get to hear the truth about candidates unless of course they are Obama or google’s pick – Hillary.

Judi McLoed of has fearlessly been exposing what Google is doing to choke freedom of speech and conservative journals online. She highlighted another brave fighter Tina Siegert also taking on the evil manipulation and betrayal of Google to all. Bravo to duel brave hearts Judi and Tina.

The 2016 election landscape

To win this coming election and get a real patriot in the White House again we must keep focused on the big picture issues and not forget what the Republican and Democrat pick really stand for and represent. ‘Bigger than God in their own eyes Google’ and other progressive controllers don’t think we are smart enough to make our own decisions and see the real news. Therefore, we will have to remember it and resist seduction and manipulation as they continue to limit – limit and limit.

We cannot take the progressive, Democrat or Google cool aid, then lay down and die while they take over the country and finish the destruction.

We must demand that at voter locations that everyone shows voter ID no matter how racist people say that is. We must have watchers and observers armed with cell phones and cameras everywhere. We must stand against and stop busloads of illegal aliens being driven in to vote. We all know illegals will vote for the ‘father Christmas’ candidate who has promised them the stolen earth of America.

No one knows quite yet who will get the GOP nomination but I am hopeful that it is Donald Trump who says it like it is. He talks real immigration reform – not the 50-yard line GOP version we often hear. Trump talks real healing and relations with Israel and England and real action against ISIS and other Islamic radicals. His plan is to wipe them out – destroy them, not ‘explore a plan and think about it.’ He says he will be the best friend to Christians and religious rights while creating major tax reform and rebuilding our economy. So far…me likes it.

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Google can play in the ‘god search box’ all they want and limit what we see and read. We will win however, if we remember the truth, vote right, pray that God will put the right person in the White House and heal our country.

Americans must spread the word about those who do what is right and protect freedom on the Internet and those who do not….Google pay attention because we are…and you will not win if you manipulate, steal and destroy speech and business. Go back to being Google again and stop the gaggle.

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No one knows quite yet who will get the GOP nomination but I am hopeful that it is Donald Trump who says it like it is. He talks real immigration reform – not the 50-yard line GOP version we often hear.