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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 7, 2015

You know what they say, even many so called believers – Faith and belief in God helps in trauma and trials, not so much with everyday struggles, bills, family challenges and illnesses. Things usually ride their course and we have to deal with what comes and it is often bad. We must ‘man up’ ‘face up’ lean on God but certainly don’t be one of those extremists who accesses the power, miracles and love of God – who actually believes and acts upon it.

Many have redefined God as the gumball machine in the sky, seeking Him because of our wants, failures and desperation. We know our country was founded on ‘Judeo-Christian values and that is just a historical reference these days. I will never forget the overnight transformation of Congress, praying to the Lord Jesus for help outside in public right after 9/11. For a moment the whole nation was suddenly going back to church and praying. That lasted for a week or two then folks started putting ‘gumball’ God back on the shelf…again.

Most of us have been trained that God is mainly referenced in a ‘general way’ in -- 12 step programs, disasters, for those on death row and who have really blown it. Then there are the endless award speeches. “I thank God for my Oscar and Grammy.” In Hollywood an atheist will thank God if he gets a cool award – probably, Satan himself if he was staring in a show and being worshipped.

Our country is massively tilted and is being attacked from within. God and real faith are simply in the way. Real Christianity and faith must be rewritten. “Christians must get off their high horse. Remember the great crusades.” How can we ever forget the words of our poser president at a prayer breakfast no less? Obama and his progressives are attempting to turn real faith in the Lord Jesus into a ‘placebo’ and drug. According to Obama and his progressives Jesus is just a longhaired statue to use.

The international schemes of progressive controls must believe that the Lord Jesus doesn’t care enough to be closely involved with people anymore. Rarely a miracle will happen. There is no real power and no real love…only perhaps in big movies on the famous stories in the Holy Bible. You know, the ones that Charlton Heston stared in…like Moses.

For years I have been attacked and challenged on national radio and with my articles regarding my faith in the Lord. I am a radical…out of touch. I’m a racist and a mentally ill deviant because I believe in life from the womb on and really believe what Jesus said.

Eventually, we will all face this question. Is God real, does He really love us and have a plan? Does God really hear our prayers and respond? Can and will God intercede, help and heal America or is he over with us?

I am very aware many have thrown in the towel and believe that God has forgotten America. We are under judgment and there is no hope. America is fated to go down the tubes. They are just waiting for the end times to unfold and America is simply too evil for God to use anymore.

I respectively say to even many of my friends who also write and publish columns…YOU ARE SO WRONG. We are to remember who we are and who God made us to be – Light on a Hill to the world. We are to believe that the living God of the Holy Bible still responds to the prayers of His people. Remember that there are millions of praying believers in America who know God is acting and will continue to act.

It is a great reminder in Exodus when Moses asked God what is his most amazing attribute. God himself said it was ‘mercy.’ Think of that…not power, not grace, not Holiness, not brilliance but mercy. God is absolutely holy and powerful but He is also a God of MERCY. He is not done with America, or us especially when we humble ourselves before Him and reach out to him for help.

Just a few reminders in our lifetime as to God’s mercy and response to His people.

The battle of Dunkirk is famous in WW II history, but do you really know what happened according to dozens of documented witnesses? 400 American troops were stranded on the flat sandy beach at Dunkirk with nothing to hide behind at all. They were sitting ducks on the beach when 60 NAZI planes strafed the beach over and over again with nonstop gunfire. It was the easiest target the NAZI planes would ever have…400 guys with nowhere to hide. What they didn’t know was that our soldiers were screaming out Psalm 91 and believing for God’s protection. Dozens of the 400 knew Psalm 91 and were yelling it out loud as the bullets rained down on them. You would hope that in that horrific situation that God would save a few stragglers on the beach who believed. What happened however was that not one of the 400 soldiers were hit by gunfire. Survivors recall bullets landing in the sand all around them but they were not hit.

It certainly wasn’t likely, practical or reality based that any of the 400 soldiers would have lived but they did because they called on the protection promise of God in Psalm 91 and believed.

Psalm 91 is just one of God’s promises of protection for those who believe it and call upon the Lord. I practically pray it everyday for my family and myself. I have read 100s of testimonies of soldiers and civilians who stood on Psalm 91 for protection and got their own miracle over the last several decades.

Just one more real and amazing story was about the fate of the 52 boys sent off to fight the NAZIS out of Seadrift TX. The wives, Mothers and sisters gathered to pray every day Psalm 91 protection over all of them. Well…God answers prayer. All 52 came safely home. That was most unlikely as well.

For us to survive and comeback as individuals and Americans we must understand the power of our tongue and what we say out loud and believe in our hearts. We must ask God for His healing power, intervention and Psalm 91 protection on our country and say it out loud. Don’t hope and wonder…believe God at His word.

We must not allow Obama and the progressive agenda to make us less and less until we are nothing. What does the Bible say about our perceptions and words?

“Who is he that over cometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God” 1 John 5:15

“And we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight.” Numbers 13:33

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit there of. Proverbs 18:21

…Let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich, and let the blind say I can see. Joel 3:10

But Laurie, America can’t expect God to do it all. There are practical realities.

Remember in 2 Chronicles 20…Jehoshaphat and the Israelis were facing a vast army coming against them from all sides. It was like 1000 to 1 and Jehoshaphat knew it. The final words of his prayer to God were in v. 12…For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.”

The bottom line for them was that God wiped out all their enemies ahead of them as they walked forward in faith.

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Join me in my prayer for America – pray and believe us back to health. Don’t accept anything else but our recovery and return. Everyone else can get out of our way. Though we are weakened and have a nightmare in the Whitehouse, God still listens to the faithful prayers of his people and gives us His protection, love and power to survive.

Do you not think that our God won’t fight for America as well? He will. Believe, pray and expect it. Now start praising and thanking God in advance. Don’t keep focusing on the bad guys, struggles and our lack…focus on God and His power. Let’s pray for God’s victory in the 2016 elections and for His miracles to come.

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We must not allow Obama and the progressive agenda to make us less and less until we are nothing. What does the Bible say about our perceptions and words?