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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 24, 2015

Money – money – money

Obama has condoned, paid for and approved of abortions in America through out his whole and compromised career. Millions of us scream out about the murder it really is against the innocent, but millions more yell ‘rights’ and choice for women. They and their political sell out demons turn cold murder into a ‘choice for women’ speech. It isn’t murder but just a blob of unfeeling mass. Though no one likes abortions, they must keep Government off our bodies. It is even a form of racism and terrorism to be pro life.

Pro lifers are indeed a brand radicals who are anti women, pro big Government, ‘acting out machines’ at our core who blow up clinics. Pro lifers must be stopped, not the murderers.

As with all ‘wordsmith’ games to cover crimes and evil…so the abortion world has bought in. Now, not at all surprisingly, over the last few days and weeks we see that Planned Parenthood has been caught in even further evil. Now we see organized crime - selling off body parts of the murdered babies. It is big business making people through out this ‘Sanger – Eugenics inspired organization’ multi millionaires.

Don’t sit there all smug with yourself thanking God you are aren’t like that because you and I get to pay for it. We have all been manipulated and forced into this criminal cartel by us funding it with tax dollars year after year. Many times the HOUSE has voted through legislation to stop the federal funding of abortions through Planned Parenthood but it has never passed through the Senate. Thus, we continue to pay for murder and crimes.

Big money NOT big choice

Now, we have another undercover video catching a planned parenthood Doctor haggling over money and price for body parts. We are going to keep seeing these creep up since it is an organized and funded criminal cartel that facilitates the murder of millions of young babies.

Who says what about when life begins?

What do all these cartel doctors and Planned Parenthood types do with the definition of life? The bottom line is they give the middle finger to God and the Holy Bible, which defines life from conception on; The US Constitution which says that all Americans have rights even the unborn – 5th and 14th amendments. They even deny science which defines life as starting from conception.

As with all evil leaders and tyrants, life is always redefined away from someone treasured by God and unique to a useful and expendable widget on a game board. If the people don’t do what the dictator says and wants, they are punished and/or destroyed.

Since Obama and his progressives all believe there are too many people on earth for the food and energy supply, abortions must increase, along with killing off our seniors, via the death panels in Obamacare.

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Maybe the next set of whistle blower videos to roll out will capture the body parts of our parents and grandparents who have been put away in American nursing homes. Perhaps many have had ‘help’ dying there. After all, body parts are big money and if we make it harder to make money with the babies, our seniors will be next on the list.

Planned Parenthood is criminal, evil and it is unforgivable and unspeakable that the majority of God fearing Americans are forced to pay millions into it.

If God, science and our U.S. Constitution believes life is unique, protected and precious then that is good enough for me.

Planned parenthood can go back to the fire of hell it came from.

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Pro lifers are indeed a brand radicals who are anti women, pro big Government, ‘acting out machines’ at our core who blow up clinics. Pro lifers must be stopped, not the murderers.