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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 5, 2015

Better late than never as they say. The patient is practically dead and on life support when the Doctor, running in from his golf game smells death. “Quick, bring the paddles and give me more light.”

Has the whorish mainstream media finally taken notice of the endless crime spree in the White House? Thank you pathological big egos. It finally took the demands of the ego-monster to get their attention. One too many times being ignored and being denied information I reckon.

Middle finger president Obama has from the beginning done nothing but lie about all he is involved with. The only truth he has given us is regarding his intention to transform America, bankrupt the coal industry, and force his dangerously compromised Obamacare on the people. He also from the start shared his shame for America. Apparently with this last declaration – the one of being ashamed, he couldn’t find a therapist to work it out so he just told the world about it and planned to punish us severly.

America has watched so many Obama – ‘transformation’ elephants fly through their living rooms with no action or response, that we can barely take in air anymore. Is it remotely possible that the media and politicians will recover their judgment, courage and brains now before they roll the body out?

Obama and his administration from day one have denied and fought ‘freedom of information act requests from too many groups and people to list. Obama’s boring and over used game has been ‘stall – stall – stall…pause…then stall some more. Make all who make these legal requests for info sue the administration so Obama can stall and hide some more.

Just a few battling our phony president for Freedom of Information Act info and being thrown in the Obama Stall blender are ‘Judicial Watch.’ They accuse the Obama Administration of withholding information regarding Hillary Clinton Emails. They have been denied and stalled on every request for much info. Lawsuits are flying…just as Obama likes it.

Sheryl Attkisson has testified before Congress stating how the Obama administration has routinely blocked requests for info.

Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly has also been forced to sue on behalf of veterans because he has been thrown into the Obama stall blender when asking for information he has the Constitutional right to know.

Now, we have the ‘wake up and smell the coffee media’ late in the mix finally calling Obama on his endless schemes and stalls regarding any information request. Apparently the New York Times has had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. David McCraw, the assistant general counsel of the New York Times spoke to the House Oversight Committee, representing mainstream media.

McCraw sited the endless violations of Freedom of Information Act requests that have been continuously stalled or denied. He stated that Obama stalls and stalls and forces a lawsuit, knowing that only the rich can endure such an expensive game. He also pointed out that this criminal process steals tax revenues from Americans and they get to pay for all the hidden Obama crimes.

Just the way Obama likes it. Fights against him are too expensive to fight.

“Just one small problem Obama…Americans has been waking up the last few years, Republican and Democrat, young and old, Black & White along with other flavors. We see you, your narcissism, your crimes and your communistic and radical Muslim core. We don’t like it, or your transformation agenda from hell. We will not put up with it, the hiding of your criminal toys in the closet, nor your plans to destroy and control America.”

House and Senate members and media everywhere, it is time for all of us to do more than wake up. Confronting and exposing Obama and his endless crimes is just the beginning but a good start. The exposure has to be loud, continuous and fierce.

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Now, our leadership and media must demand as they are starting to do, that we see many arrests for these crimes. Obama must be seen for what he really is all over the media, while our political leadership crushes his agenda, criminal staff and eventually him.

:Obama thinks he is the great white shark who can eat us all alive. Nothing can stop him. Do I see a furrow in his brow as he glances around him? A see a whole lot of ticked off American dolphins surrounding him. Last I checked…dolphins trump sharks.

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House and Senate members and media everywhere, it is time for all of us to do more than wake up. Confronting and exposing Obama and his endless crimes is just the beginning but a good start. The exposure has to be loud, continuous and fierce.