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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 13, 2015

Vermont State Hospital and the CIA

When anyone mentions the ‘CIA’ you immediately think of ‘ends justify the means’ ‘lies’ deception’ ‘agents with double lives’ ‘serving their country through stealth.’ In all fairness, I am certain that there are many who operate out of real integrity and patriotism for our country but many more who will do whatever they are told, even if it amounts to torture, evil experiments and murder.

Many of you may recall the evil CIA funded and controlled mind control experiments during the 1970s -- MK-ULTRA. Look it up and notice their subprojects, 8, 10, 63 and 66.

Recently, I have interviewed and become acquainted with Karen Wetmore. She is a walking survival tail, working through mental illness from her own severe childhood abuse. Unforgivably, she has had to also work through years of abuse at the hands of her own Government. Karen found herself in a real horror movie after being put in the Vermont State Hospital after she tried to kill herself at age 13. From there Karen found that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was actually real. Nothing was what it seemed and no one would ever listen to her or believe anything she said about what was happening. After all, she was ‘mentally ill.’ Right? WRONG.

This first round of horror lasted around 3 months. Karen recalls only part of it but says she never received counseling at all and was drugged and kept isolated all the time. She recalls being put in a straight jacket, being forced to urinate on the floor, stuck with needles and isolated all the time. There was no counseling or therapy.

Karen has finally been able to piece together the vacant parts of her memories through ‘freedom of information act requests’ for her medical records. To even get these she had to battle with authorities for years. No one wanted her to find out what really was happening to her and by whom.

Three months later, Karen says she was released but none of her mental health needs had been addressed or met. She was even in more pain and trying to just struggle through her teens. Her parents loved her but didn’t know what to do.

Horror chapter 2 unfolded when Karen was 18 and fell apart when her boyfriend died. Again, suicidal and still struggling with her core problem that turned out to be ‘dissociative identity disorder,’ Karen was committed against her will into the Vermont State Hospital again. Shockingly, she was stuck here -- no imprisoned there for 3 years and barely survived.

Only after Karen was finally released did she get real help and start to piece back her damaged and assaulted life. Therapist Kathleen A. Judge worked with Karen and found the real problem, which linked back to severe childhood abuse Karen had blocked out. Kathleen encouraged her to write her experiences down and tell her story.

Karen started researching, calling and demanding her medical records. She found that all her requests for her medical records were turned down again and again, which was totally denying her legal and Constitutional rights. Determined to piece this nightmare together and find out the truth, Karen finally hired an attorney to get the documents which she was told again and again were ‘classified.’

What Karen said she finally pieced together was that she was part of CIA funded and controlled mind Control Experiments. She researched several of the Doctors who came to see her while she was stuck in the hospital. One Robert Hyde was cleared as ‘Top Secret’ as a contractor on CIA LSD experiments that were attached to MKULTRA subprojects 8,10, 63 and 66. Karen also found that between 1952 and 1973 that CIA money was pouring all over this hospital…why?

While in the hospital Karen says she was handcuffed with hands behind her back, put in a straight jacket in an isolated room for weeks and months at a time, given experimental and severe drugs (she only found out how deadly and severe when she got her fought for medical records and documentation). She was given no therapy, no bed and was forced to urinate and poop on the floor. She had even discovered that one of the Psychiatrists had sexually assaulted her.

I asked Karen what did she think they were trying to do her? She said that she had no doubt she was a research subject. The purpose of all this was just an extension of MKULTRA – mind control experiments. The CIA and their ‘Frankenstein’ Doctors were investigating how and when a person will break, when they will talk, at what point you can make a person do anything you want and when is too much, where they will just die.

Karen found that there were nearly 3000 deaths at the Vermont State Hospital from 1952 to 1973 with tons of CIA money pouring into the hospital. I asked her, how could there be so many deaths at a mental health hospital? This wasn’t a regular hospital with a standard emergency room where casualties happen. This was a hospital where folks are dealing with mental and emotional problems, not physical in most cases. Just that alone in my view should have been a major cause for investigation if not arrests.

I don’t care who you are, the President, fancy CIA operative, teacher, janitor or movie star…Evil is still evil and the Vermont State Hospital was in bed with the snake and should be investigated and exposed. Lives were ruined at this hospital and during this time 3000 died…how and why?

Karen Wetmore is now in her early 60s and continues to uncover things and try and expose the truth. She has tried to contact many politicians and authorities to start a real investigation and expose the truth. So far, no one will respond to her at all, including Senator John McCane.

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Apparently, 3000 mysterious deaths from 1952-1973 at the Vermont State Hospital, hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled to the Hospital from the CIA, giving deadly and experimental drugs to mental health patients, putting them in strait jackets, giving them no bed and making them urinate on the floor is not worthy of investigation. Is this not news in part because the CIA was acting criminally or because these were expendable mental health patients? You tell me.

It is time for a complete and real investigation into the CIA during 1952-1973 and into the Vermont State Hospital during this time. There is real documentation in Karen Wetmore’s book ‘Surviving Evil and questions that must be answered.

Join me with my national radio show which is going live on Feb. 2nd 10-1:pm PST each day. You can listen live at and call in at: 1 877-999-7684. What is on your mind?

� 2015 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Karen has finally been able to piece together the vacant parts of her memories through ‘freedom of information act requests’ for her medical records. To even get these she had to battle with authorities for years. No one wanted her to find out what really was happening to her and by whom.