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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 16, 2015

Apparently women and kids are meant to stand around with their emotional pants down, crying, blowing whistles and screaming when a rapist or killer walks by. Joe Biden has long said that guns are not needed for self-defense. However, if the intruder is in our face perhaps we could use only a shotgun…that is all. Be practical and go to a call box for help instead.

Rep. Joe Salazar also has offered up his brilliant wisdom regarding self-defense as he continues to push hard to disarm all college students. After all, only 1 in 4 College girls are raped sometime before they graduate…they don’t need to be armed, just be a good little victim and take it. Throw something, cry big tears and race to the call box that isn’t there….now I feel safe. Hit the bad guy with your history book I tell you.

Now, the brilliance has exploded into self defense genius as an Alabama middle school principle has asked parents to have their kiddies all bring cans of food to stockpile in classrooms. As a last resort if shooters managed their way through the school hallways and into the classroom they could throw cans at them. The principle also thought this would ‘empower’ the children, knowing they could do this to the attacker. Think of the self esteem boost!

The tragedy in all this is that if only the hundreds of tortured and murdered children in Beslan Russia had been able at ‘last resort’ to throw cans of peas at the Muslim Jihadists, they might have been saved. No doubt Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold at Columbine would have paused while mowing down kids in the library and halls if kidney beans had hit their hip or head.

Has the anti gun left, democrat politicians and school principles lost their entire minds? I frankly don’t think there are enough ‘idiot’ call boxes for them to run to. Perhaps they should all take their can of pork and beans and stay in the closet under the sheets until the Jihadist or rapist comes down the hall. They had better learn to pray really fast.

How can I forget years ago when living in Northeast Portland Oregon in the days when I was in the music business? I had 3 female roommates helping to pay the rent in a huge home. On the news I was unnerved to learn that a rapist was going around a 10-mile radius of where I lived and walked my dogs. He was stopping women and saying he had a flat tire, distracting them, asking for $5.00 then raping them. He had done this several times and gotten away with it. Just like in a movie scene while walking down the stairs I heard my roommate Nancy and someone at the door. This guy said he had a flat tire and needed $5.00 etc…I stopped dead in my tracks and my skin crawled. It was exactly what I had been hearing on the news that week.

I quickly ran back up the stairs to my room and got my 45 out of my nightstand and slammed in the clip. Nancy had left him at the door and run to her room to get him some money. I started back down the stairs and this stranger had already, come through the back door, through the kitchen, down a long hallway and was nearly half way of the stairs as I was coming down with my gun. We saw each other, locked eyes and froze. I raised my gun toward him. Thankfully, he didn’t take another step or I would have shot him. He quickly bolted out of the house. He never came back and a few days later they caught him and the rapes stopped.

Did I throw a can, scream, cry or rush to a non existent call box??? No, I pointed a 45 at him with a very bad attitude and a rape did not happen.

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What we have needed for decades is for the wackoid anti gun people to understand that facts are facts. Evil exists everywhere and we are all at risk, especially our children if we don’t have a real way to defend ourselves. I strongly believe that ALL public schools should have armed guards on the premises and key teachers who have passed a background check should be armed. Teachers and students weren’t armed at Columbine and at the Beslan massacre. What if just a few teachers had a gun? History would be written quite differently and countless lives would have been saved.

It is time for mental illness boxes to be placed all over D.C. and certainly throughout Alabama if the ‘last resort’ for students dealing with shooters is to throw canned peas at shooter’s heads.

Our children are our treasures and there is zero excuse in my book that our schools are not completely guarded by armed guards to stop the killer before they even enter.

Join me with my national radio show which is going live on Feb 2nd 10-1:pm PST each day. You can listen live at and call in at: 1 877-999-7684. What is on your mind?

� 2015 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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It is time for mental illness boxes to be placed all over D.C. and certainly throughout Alabama if the ‘last resort’ for students dealing with shooters is to throw canned peas at shooter’s heads.