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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 8, 2015

With all Obama’s Saul Alinsky tricks, chaos and UN Constitutional actions, will he be able to confront and stop the real power and force of most Americans – our Christian faith? Can he with his teller prompter charm intimidate us to drink the Obama cool aid and join his hell bent cult? Many Americans have joined and many others stand at the door shaking in fear, forgetting who the real God is and who the real enemy is. Most of us however have walked…no run away from Obama. We know whom the real God and source of hope and change and it ain’t Obama.

We can clearly see that Obama is following the damned path of all dictators. He must control our health care and use this to force deaths upon the undesirables, elderly and his enemies. Obamacare was designed to fail, cull the heard down, terrify, anger and hurt Americans so they will run right into the prison of Government – single payer health care.

Obama also must control our guns. Only yesterday I interviewed Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly on my national radio show, who just said that the latest push by Obama and John Kerry is to slam the UN Gun Treaty down our throats whether we, the House or Senate likes it or not. Our Constitution plainly says that an international treaty of any kind cannot be made law in America unless we have a 2/3rds majority vote in the Senate. We simply don’t have that.

Now, Obama is saying that we have miss-interpreted the Constitution and it means that he can implement this treaty and demand gun registrations in advance regardless of a vote by the Senate. He says what it really means is that it will take a 2/3rds Senate vote to stop him after he has already pushed it on us.

The House and Senate must quickly wake up and grow some guts. Obama is boldly coming for our guns and plans to do so void of any vote, law or reason. Dictators must have our guns. Will this coming demand for national registration create the uprising that Obama wants? Will this bring marshal law so he can go past forced registration and go door-to-door demanding all guns? Imposing an illegal UN Treaty on Americans like this will quickly turn tens of millions into instant criminals because they will not comply.

House and Senate listen up. This one action by Obama, daring to force national gun registration down our throats is beyond an impeachable offense. Our House and Senate cannot allow his lawlessness regarding our gun and privacy rights to stand. Our new House and Senate must impeach Obama and soon before he forces a grab for America’s guns.

I hardly feel confidence with the new House having voted John Boehner back in as speaker for a 3rd term with all of his many compromises and failures in leadership. Regardless, the House and Senate cannot allow this illegal treaty to be forced down our throats if we want a country left in tact.

Obama must also redefine and gut real religion, namely Christianity. He can’t have us drawing on our Lord Jesus for strength, power and direction. There is only room for one god and it is him. If he can’t get us all to believe that Jesus was just promoting social justice and pushing that all paths to God are the same, then he must demonize and destroy real Christians. We have seen this religious ‘double speak’ since the beginning of his fraudulent rule.

Obama rewrites laws and religion as he goes. It is up to Americans and our newly elected House, Senate and Governors to know and stand by our real Constitution, real laws and our real God – The Lord Jesus Christ.

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Do Americans and Christians have any power to really take on evil? Remember what God did for the very desperate Asa in 2 Chron. 14:11, who was facing a million man army and 300 chariots against his very small group of Israeli soldiers. He sought God and trusted Him for His help and he got it. It was as if the boy scouts were taking on the Nazi party. The Bible tells us that as the Israelis walked forward they saw that the enemy were all dead. All that was left to do was to pick up the spoils, food and wealth. God and His mighty angles took care of business. Remember our God is not about common sense or reflective of our limitations. He is also not controlled by those who say they are His but are not.

It is time for America to really turn to our Lord Jesus -- to trust, listen and obey. We will be just fine. God is in control, not Obama or anyone else. Now, lets keep in regular prayer for our lives and country and keep on our House and Senate to confront Obama.

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Obama rewrites laws and religion as he goes. It is up to Americans and our newly elected House, Senate and Governors to know and stand by our real Constitution, real laws and our real God – The Lord Jesus Christ.