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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 26, 2014

Who is the enemy and what do they do

Meet the team leaders – Obama and his - handlers, fundamentalist Islam riding in the progressive/communist car. All are in bed together with the intent to seduce, intimidate, bribe, control and maneuver for their agenda of universal control. This combined belief system believes in rewarding the controlled - worshipping slaves and destroying the rest. This is simply culling the herd or pruning the tree…most practical for any tyranny to thrive.

Always lie, deceive and manipulate your opponent – Americans. Pretend that you are one of them, a worker bee and understand their pain. In fact, create more need, poverty, sickness and desperation. Then, swoop in with dog bone money, food, freebies and sucker. They will now do what you want them to do. You have a growing mob that will commit Jihad on command and attack and murder cops sitting in their cars doing paperwork.

Teach the masses that achievement and patriotism is hateful and wrong.

Building your business and getting ahead leaves minorities and the poor behind. Indeed, it is un-American. Call the approved philosophy governing the Obama and progressive take over -- sustainability. Teach and preach shame and ‘sameness’ all through the imposed government school curriculum -- ‘Common Core.’ Welcome to human trafficking and progressivism 101. Pound down the nail that stands up and create a country of widgets not people. Do you like playing this Obama game? He keeps rolling the dice and up until the mid terms America was allowing Obama to win. No more. Obama is UN American to the core and cheater. Are we finally getting this?

Rewrite history; push shame and sameness in schools and culture. Create race wars and division. Create poverty by overtaxing the masses and stealing wealth. Fund and build up Islamic terror groups, dictators and Communist governments. Crush and ignore laws and the Constitution in every way. The cherry on top is to usher in millions of illegal aliens, disease and Islamic radicals. Crush American towns, cities, hospitals and schools. Spread disease and crime. Now…all the Obama presents are under the tree.

To do

We must push our Representatives and Senators for impeachment. The new House and Senate must crush the ‘establishment disease’ that plays the game as progressive anti Americans. Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell must be voted out and pushed back after they once again ignored the mandate of the people by pushing through the Cromnibus Bill from hell -- funding amnesty and Obamacare. As far as I’m concerned they should change their names to Benedict Arnold and be quickly stopped.

It isn’t enough anymore to just pass something and defund something else. There is chronic and constant illegality and damage everywhere with Obama. He must be held accountable and stopped. Our nation cannot take 2 more years of his Executive orders, executive actions and now memorandums. What will it be next…'Obama post it notes'?

We have no time for little band-aids. New House and Senate listen up and really listen this time! Stop the hemorrhaging before America bleeds out. Impeach and convict Obama and stand tall. Tell the nation the truth about the endless crimes and UN Constitutional actions of Obama. Get ahead of the issues with regular media appearances. Act -- don’t react.

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We have no time for more intimidation, fear and compromise with our leaders. What about criminality, UN Constitutional behavior and treachery do you not understand? Do I and other Moms and seniors have to show up in D.C. and get the job done? We will if the House and Senate continues to play. Most Moms I know aren’t intimidated by anything or anyone when it comes to protecting our kids from harm. I can guarantee the bad guys if they come after my kids I will crush them like a fly on the pavement.

America is at a place where we have to be ready to crush a few flies on the pavement and throw intimidation to the wind. Let’s get the bad guys and get our country back for Christmas.

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We have no time for little band-aids. New House and Senate listen up and really listen this time! Stop the hemorrhaging before America bleeds out. Impeach and convict Obama and stand tall.