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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 5, 2014

This week the Pentagon and American people’s mouths dropped to the floor as Obama stated on television Thursday that ‘we don’t have a strategy yet’ when asked about ISIS and its murderous escapades and genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq.

Most of our mouths are still stuck on the floor in horror as we hear of what the radical Islamic group ISIS continues to do around the world. Just a few of their legacy headlines from Iraq alone include, sawing little kids in half, beheading little babies and posting their heads on poles, burying women and children alive, torture and beheading American journalists with more beheadings promised. Naturally, Obama and the liberal sell out media world refuse to connect the word Islam with ISIS.

Let us clarify and reveal the truth of 99.9% of all terrorist attacks on humanity right now so we don’t cruelly attack a peaceful religion. What do all these terrorist groups, who behead people, blow up people, cut children in half, stone and whip people, bring down planes, stone rape victims if they don’t have at least 4 witnesses, crucify gay people, hijack ships, derail trains, chop up people in malls and burry women and children alive have in common??? They are all Christian evangelicals. Everyone knows that….

The truth is almost impossible for politicians and media people to dare say and that is going to get a ton of us killed. REAL Islamics simply obeying the Koran and what Muhammad taught are supportive of those who target non-believers and rape, torture and behead them. That is what Mohamed taught and chapter 9 in the Koran gives us infidels 3 choices, 1) forcibly convert to Islam 2) submit to their high tax for having the privilege of staying alive or 3) be killed. Real and believing Islamics don’t believe a small part of what Muhammad taught but believe him completely. That means if they aren’t the killing and torturing type, they will support and finance those who do while pretending to be peaceful. Get it yet?

The King of Saudi Arabia has warned the U.S. of an imminent attack by ISIS. Europe and the U.S. cannot hide from them and they will be here soon. Many others like myself believe that thanks to our open borders and Obama’s looking the other way on dealing with ISIS, that they are already here preparing a ‘mother lode’ attack on our mainland. Some think it will be at the southern border but truthfully folks it could be anywhere. This will be a horrifying, large and memorable attack, while Obama no doubt golfs….again.

Obama doesn’t have a plan but America must have a plan to survive

1- We must vote like each vote was worth its weight in gold. No one can stay home in the 2014 and 2016 election cycle. Democrat/progressives MUST be voted out in as many local, state and federal elections as possible. They had there chance and have blown it big with Obama against us all. This is not democrat-republican, liberal-conservative anymore. This is survival…period. Show up and vote them out no matter what your political leaning is.

2- After the 2014 elections we must push for and get behind the elected officials who will impeach and convict Obama. He must answer for his UN Constitutional and criminal behavior.

3- We must demand a quick and harsh response to all fundamentalist, radical Islamic groups, movements, schools, Mosques here and abroad that teach and preach our demise. There must be intelligence and surveillance through out all Islam in America and a zero tolerance toward any support of jihad and radical Islamic groups such as HAMAS, ISIS, Al Kaeda, Taliban, Hesbola, Muslim Brotherhood and related relatives. Support for these groups should be counted as war against America. What are the House and Senate smoking when we have a President who has and is funding many of these groups, let alone making sure they get more arms? Obama is also employing many current members of the Muslim Brotherhood, also an Islamic terrorist group. This is called treason!

Obama does have a plan

Obama has a plan all right and it is to destroy and America here and internationally, while stealing and crushing our wealth, freedom and Judeo-Christian values. In ‘Obamasteins’ laboratory, he is taking off all our body parts and replacing them with Islam, Internationalism, New world order and Communism.

America has a plan as well

Impeach and Convict Obama after the 2014 election cycle.
Get back the Senate and fortify the House with Constitutionalists and real Americans who will stand against tyranny and evil.
Stop the building of all Mosques in America until Christian churches are allowed to be built throughout the Muslim world without the threat of attack and torture.
Have a zero tolerance policy with regards to teaching and preaching jihad and death to infidels and Israel in America. This would mean immediate arrest or deportation if discovered. Keep a real eye on Islamic sleeper cells emerging, hiding and building in America through intelligence and surveillance.
Institute REAL border security, apprehend and start shipping back millions of illegal aliens of all ages. Give the border patrol real authority again and secure our borders once and for all.
Congress start defunding all Government groups behaving illegally against the American people such as the NSA, IRS, EPA, BLM to name a few. After the 2014 election cycle congress must also destroy and defund Obamacare however is possible and resurrect our health care system from near death.
Have real investigations that lead to arrests for the crimes of the NSA, IRS and Benghazi murders.

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“Obama…the American people aren’t done with our freedom, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Obama…the American people are also not done with our guns, Holy Bibles and Jesus.

We are however, quickly getting done with YOU Obama.

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� 2014 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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This week the Pentagon and American people’s mouths dropped to the floor as Obama stated on television Thursday that ‘we don’t have a strategy yet’ when asked about ISIS and its murderous escapades and genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq.