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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 22, 2014

Can America survive Obama and the progressive/Islamic agenda?

Those who plan to submit to slowly being boiled alive and just don’t have the strength, connections or courage to fight…stand over there and pray to your ‘coward god.’

Those who plan to throw their weight loudly on the stage for a moment of UN thought out rage and flurry of words…stand to the Otherside and pray to your ‘attention seeking drama queen god.’

Those who with false humility and piety plan to give us more speeches about how God is done with America and judging her so don’t fight for who she was and is…just give up because we deserve our punishment…stand in the other corner before I kick you to the curb in shame and you can’t stand. Stop quoting scripture also. I am sick of you all.

The rest of you…those of us who know our real and Christian history…those of us who have tasted freedom and understand the unique miracle of our nation…listen up. All the rest of you, stand in your corners, pray to your false gods or to yourself and get out of way of real Americans and real Christians who believe in freedom and miracles.

There simply isn’t time to wallow in rage, fear, depression or distraction. We must stay centered, watch our emotions, actions and reactions and not only pray to our living Lord Jesus for help, guidance and daily wisdom (always peppered with humility) but pay attention to what he says and obey. We cannot save America with out God at the helm. It is He that will give us guidance and courage and He that will crush His enemies. Remember, America from its beginning was inspired and built by God of the Holy Bible and Christians…not Islamics, Satanists or Communists.

Remember, freedom, God and real Christians always stand in the way of radical Islam, Communism and Satan’s other mechanisms of control. That is why America is constantly under all kinds of attacks and for the last 6 years…by Obama. We are in a classic worldview and spiritual clash with our poser president. It is good vs. evil. Which side are you on?

Anybody who has pulse and listens to any news knows we have a criminal cartel that hates America in the White House- Barack Hussein Obama and his goons. We have experienced the transformation plans Obama bragged about and is unleashing on America.

Middle finger Obama assaults us with the criminal actions of the NSA, IRS, EPA, BLM, Executive Orders, Obamacare, planned illegal alien invasion, employment of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his staff, bowing down to Islam, punishing first and second amendment rights – religious rights, attacking and suing Governors for trying to protect their citizens against the criminal invasion of illegal aliens and UN Constitutional encroachment of Obamacare…on and on. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… Obama and his vivid and clear legacy is…criminal, Islamic, Communist and evil to the core.

What can and must we do then

Rage will simply blow us out, get us arrested or killed. Fear will neuter us and turn us into indentured servants and slaves. Depression will do Obama’s dirty work for him and cause us to turn on ourselves through disease or suicide.

We must have power (through standing together and in prayer to God of the Holy Bible), focus on plans local and federal and follow through no matter what feeling threatens to consume us…fear, rage, depression…

To do:

Don’t just talk about it or wish. Get behind real conservatives who show some guts with donations and help spread the word about their candidacy. Networking is a big part of everything successful so talk, twitter, Facebook, email…talk some more, then repeat.

Spread the word that we ALL must vote in the 2014 and 2016 election cycle no matter what Obama tries to pull and the rampant voter fraud and intimidation that will be everywhere. Remember, pull in your fear and rage and march forward in truth, hold onto God’s hand and do what is right no matter how it feels or who is screaming in your face.

Prepare for the worst by putting away food for you and your animals. Don’t forget medicine, guns, bullets, water and gasoline. Ask the question, how would I survive if I could go nowhere and get little or nothing for the next 6 months? Then, answer your question and plan.

Buy more guns and ammo and never submit to a national or state registration or confiscation plan. Remember, any info that is demanded trumping our 2nd amendment is meant to ultimately seize our guns. That must be a major line in the sand we won’t allow this usurper Government to walk over.

Also, we must keep freedom of speech, media and religion going strong. Talk, pray, yell, speak, strike, and march in the streets where it counts and band together.

After we get back the Senate in 2014 and fortify the House, which I strongly believe we will, we must demand the House and the Senate stay on a real and assertive course. Things they can do that Obama can’t Vito: They must start defunding Obamacare, the NSA, IRS, EPA and attack all bogus appointments and executive orders.

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They must for once get ahead of the message and give Americans weekly, media updates on what they specifically are doing to right the endless Obama wrongs and UN Constitutional/criminal behavior and rulings. It will then be up to us, using alternative and social media to keep the message and clean up going, along with the pressure on our Senator’s and Representatives to stay on point. It is not about emotion or money, but action and guts.

Stand, pray, believe and fight wherever you can. Either make a real difference wherever you are or stand in your corner and shut up.

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� 2014 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Also, we must keep freedom of speech, media and religion going strong. Talk, pray, yell, speak, strike, and march in the streets where it counts and band together.