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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 8, 2014

The thing about heroes is that they are just ordinary people like you and me who has struggled, whined and failed but persevere and keep the goal before them. Often, their extreme focus and determination to the goal brings scoffers and mockers. “Grow some common sense. Your dream doesn’t add up.” “You are too old and too poor to do that.” “It is who you know, and you know nobody of any significance.”

Heroes hyper focus on doing the right thing, the moral thing…even the unbelievable thing. Their sweating, lonely and persevering action turns into immense bravery, miraculous results – marking them for history.

How do we become a hero rather then a ‘has been’

Only a worthy goal will do

We must first have the right goal and vision placed before us that we fully embrace. What is worth our time and energy whether people like it or not? We will never achieve our goal if we start in and depend on our emotional perk. After awhile, all worthy goals don’t feel so great anymore. They draw on our practiced discipline and ability to draw from God’s strength and provision. That is why there are so few real heroes today, because so many need fanfare and emotional support to continue. The journey is often made alone and with no one even watching, except God. So many of our heroes who changed history were people of faith, who lifted their worthy goal up, then drew on the power and leading of God, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther, Ulyssess S. Grant and Joan of Arc to name a few.

Having a goal that is immoral, selfish and evil cannot ever produce a hero…only a tyrant. We have many through out the world in leadership who has selfish and evil goals. They have lifted themselves up, not the people, freedom and God. They build empires to control people, seize money and freedoms, while building their own empire where they can be God. They crave the worship of their people and find ways to get more.

What is the right and heroic goal for America now?

We must stand up and persevere in our belief in and fight for freedom, our Constitution and Judeo-Christian values. There can be no compromise regarding protection of our treasured freedoms even though a tyrant demands them now. Obama and the progressives cannot whittle away or seize our property rights, our freedom of speech rights, our 2nd amendment rights, privacy rights and right to due process. They cannot pee on our legs and call it rain anymore. People are rising up…no…heroes are rising up again.

Moving forward and making a real difference isn’t easy…I know having built my life and career back from near death in August 2005. A deer hit me when I was riding my motorcycle and I crashed on my head, breaking nearly everything from the neck up, slamming my brain against my skull. This put me into a coma for weeks and a hospital stay for 2 months. This was all with no health insurance a 2 and 9-year-old child at the time. It couldn’t have been more costly and leveling to my family and I. Would I ever be the same and ever experience any of my dreams, now all broken up?

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I would love to say that nearly 10 years later I am now ready to launch a national TV show, do another record and look and feel like myself again but I cannot. The truth is, I am launching 2 national TV shows, working on a huge record, doing my national radio show every day, looking better than ever and feel great. I have a numb mouth, a left eye that will never work right again and struggle a bit, but I jog everyday and am planning bigger things than ever. You can’t heal, make a difference if you don’t believe you can folks, so get out of bed no matter what shape you are in. Henry Ford said it best: “If you believe you can or believe you can’t…you are right.”

Martin Luther King, Esther, George Washington and Joan of Arc…listen up! I am talking to you now. Rise up and get it done. Be my hero!

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We must stand up and persevere in our belief in and fight for freedom, our Constitution and Judeo-Christian values.