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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 20, 2014

We gaze off into the distance, squinting as we desperately try to see anything through the blood red - Obama sun. Is there anything real to actually find hope in? We occasionally see a Representative or Senator rise up in courage and take a stand for the truth, but rarely. We occasionally see a Judge rule impartially and Holder observe the law, but rarely. I am still squinting hard to see anyone in the House or Senate stand up to the sea of Obama crimes.

The agenda

Islam, Internationalism and Communism have formed an UN holy trinity of force, deception and corruption aimed at America and the entire world. The age-old problem is simply good vs. evil and Power vs. freedom. America has always been in the way with her beacon of freedom, Judeo Christian values and history that is empowered by the God of the Holy Bible. Her core has always been submitted to God, freedom and hope. This flies in the face of all wanna be dictators and their plans. This flies in the face of Obama and his plans.

Does America just fade away and ‘transform’ now?

NO AND TRIPLE NO. There is no compromise, shift or adjustment for Americans away from our power, history and real core. There is no turning the miraculous rock of our Constitution and Bill of Rights into ‘outdated jello’ that oozes away and has no influence as Obama ignores it and attacks it again and again.

All variety of Americans listen up

To survive Obama and his international/Communist/Islamic agenda, we must vividly, loudly and openly remember who we are. We do not belong to Obama and we are not Islamic. Our country is not one of the largest Muslim nations on earth – WE ARE CHRISTIAN.

Our country, though not perfect has nothing to apologize to the world for. We have offered up hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of lives to counter dictators, murderers and Islamic radicals. Obama thinks he needs to endlessly apologize for that.

Though we have been a tinge naive at times and didn’t craft every battle plan or intervention perfectly, WE STILL SHOWED UP AND FOUGHT THE BAD GUYS, RESCUED AND REBUILT ENTIRE COUNTRIES WHO WERE PREVIOUSLY ENEMIES. We did that while most just watched and did little or nothing.

America was ‘Rocky.’ America was ‘Braveheart.’ America still is but she must slap herself, shake the Obama dust off and remember who she is. No more Obama costumes! Rip them off and throw them away…now. He can apologize all he wants for America, he is neither American nor Christian in my book. I am proud to be American and Christian.

We must get the real vision back of who we are and how unique we really are. Then stand up and fight for your freedoms and against Obama’s systematic attacks. He fires away against gun rights, speech rights, 10th amendment rights, privacy rights…on and on. Support freedom of religious and patriotic speech for yourself at work and for your children in schools. Don’t be transformed into a ‘sustainable’ sell out of shame and intimidation. Do not turn yourselves into quite little slaves by submitting to Obama’s orders and schemes.

Just as God of the Holy Bible chose the Jews to bring forth our savior Jesus Christ to redeem the world, He miraculously crafted, inspired and put America in place. He rose up a Christian Government and inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our Government documents weren’t inspired by any person, dictator or plot. Every word was reflecting Christian principles and Biblical truth and freedom. We shouldn’t have won most of the battles in the early days of our nation against the British. We were out gunned and out manned – but we did. God was at the helm and our founders were inspired by Him and freedom.

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Remember, there is fierce power in prayer if you are praying to the real God and not the costume pretender version. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that he will have mercy on our country, restore our moral core and restore our freedom and Constitution. Pray that He will rescue us in His way from Obama and his evil agenda.

Get behind real conservatives running for the House and Senate in 2014 with prayer, time and money. This is a critical opportunity to make Obama stand back and be held accountable for his illegal and UN Constitutional actions.

Remember who you are not who Obama wants you to be. Pray loudly and make a real difference were you are. “Oh say can you see…

Do not accept any other option but to build America back to her greatness. Americans do not fade away into the night! Obama will…

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Dr. Laurie Roth earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.

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Islam, Internationalism and Communism have formed an UN holy trinity of force, deception and corruption aimed at America and the entire world. The age-old problem is simply good vs. evil and Power vs. freedom.