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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 30, 2014

The latest and full on assault against America is against our Veterans who have been denied and delayed care by the thousands. Now, the U.S. finally knows that ‘Death panel’ waiting lists and false reports by Veterans Administration management and leadership are peppered all through the VA. Vets have not been seen and have died. Forms have been fraudulently sent in to get more Federal money, daring to say the Vets have already been cared for. It is called fraud and murder and only a sign of what is unfolding in the death machine of Obamacare for the rest of us.

We heard the usual response from Obama saying he was horrified and didn’t know anything about it. He would get to the bottom of it. Tragically, Obama knows everything about this since like all the other tainted scandals in America, he is leading and orchestrating them all. He just puts useful fools around him, taking any heat so he can play ‘plausible deniability’ and ‘we will get to the bottom of this’ games.

In Phoenix alone, there are over 1700 Vets not on the VA waiting list. According to CNN they are either lost or forgotten. This is hardly just a management and bureaucracy problem from the days of Bush (you know Bush causes everything). It is a national emergency and yet another treasonous failure of our poser Commander and Chief who only pretends to be concerned…who only pretends to lead and protect…who is too busy destroying all that has made America great to do anything but pretend.

Obama has been systematically destroying our military by turning our much-needed military into a sexual playground of experimentation.

Obama has been also destroying our health care, deciding who will live and die and when this will happen. We all know now that the emerging VA horror show is simply an Obama commercial of what is to come for us all.

Obama has been corrupting our international reputation by backing despots, dictators and Muslim radicals, while supplying guns to drug cartels and other criminals.

Obama is gutting our economy and stealing from the American people through bogus and usury taxation, some hidden and some known. The bottom line is to take all the income and profit Obama can for his agenda, then redistribute the rest to his ‘useful fool’ supporters.

What to do:

Members of the House and Senate and those who are about to be elected, you MUST do more than talk. Stop the theatre and sound bite addictions. America is so sick of it and we are way on to you. Words must only be used on the back of bold action against Obama. Words cannot stand alone anymore.

America is in a state of emergency thanks to Obama and his corruption, betrayals, crimes and lies. We are sick of being gang raped. It is high time Congress increases the volume and ‘follow through’ with real leadership.

Congress must start the investigations and arrests regarding the crimes of the IRS. It is unacceptable and frankly unbelievable that they still are throwing their criminal weight around. We need honest investigations and arrests regarding the criminal behavior of the NSA. There must be follow through and arrests regarding the Benghazi crimes.

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Finally, if Congress doesn’t do a ‘whole lot of major somethings’ regarding getting to the bottom of Obama crimes and corruption, America will be lost. Congress will be one of the major causes.

“Find some guts, integrity, patriotism and courage or just get out of the way and Americans WILL handle it. Those in leadership and soon to be leadership in the fall…what will your legacy be? - Avoidance, treachery and betrayal OR, Courage, guts and integrity? We are waiting but won’t wait much longer.”

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In Phoenix alone, there are over 1700 Vets not on the VA waiting list. According to CNN they are either lost or forgotten.