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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 20, 2014

Obama has played with our military and national security as if it was his personal toy to break apart and leave in the yard so the dog could pee on it. 2 years ago now we saw Obama reverse ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ the famous legislation that former President Bill Clinton put in place when he was in leadership. This was working just fine in our military in keeping the military focus and mission in check. All the military folks I have talked with over the years told me it worked just fine. It kept social engineering and controversial sex talk and agendas out of the viewfinder.

If you were gay and in the military you weren’t to bring it up, push it, or make it an issue. You could deal with it on your private time elsewhere. That certainly sounds fair to me given the grave seriousness of a mission and need to focus on priorities at hand not sexual play or controversy.

Now, thanks to Obama we have our military forced into his social and sexual experiment. Straight soldiers now have to deal with outed gays who have rights to push their sexual agenda and get whatever they want, or law suits will fly and pressure will crush the straight soldier. Freedom of speech is rapidly disappearing from straight military folks which means the vast majority are screwed into cloned silence while the gays can have a scream fest of speech freedom.

How can we forget Sgt. Phillip Monk relieved of his position because he didn’t agree with his commander on gay marriage? Dare to say you are for marriage between a man and a woman and ‘boom’ you are gone.

Obama has made sure our troop levels have been cut and are being shrunk to pre world war two levels, while cutting military benefits and pensions. He has cut Vets benefits when nearly a million of them are on Food stamps. Remember for a time Obama demanded that our military pay for their own war injuries. I couldn’t stop screaming about this on my show, along with countless others.

Let us see where we are:

Obama is massively cutting our military, turning it into a sexual and perverted social experiment of his. He is seizing speech and religious rights from straight and Christian soldiers while setting up this new and sexualized military.

It just gets better

Now we hear Sec. Of Defense Chuck Hagel is open to transgenders in the military. Oh isn’t that special? Let me try and follow this if I can. ‘Barbara who is becoming Bob and is in between sexes due to more required surgeries, demands she has female housing now. It matters not what all the straight female solders think. Just ignore the private parts of Barbara as they dangle in the shower until the last part of Bob is finally cut off. You straight soldiers have no right to discuss it, notice it or have an opinion about it, that is if you want to have a career in the military.’

Why stop there?

In Obama’s new and improved and downsized military we have a sexual playground of law suit-rights shrieking gays, and soon perhaps transgenders. Why have any real mission focus left in the military at all? There is too much playing to do.

Are there other sexual types that feel left out with all these rights swirling around? Yes indeed. Those who love animals and want to have a sexual relationship must be included. Just think of it. Soldiers who are bored on the battlefield abroad can look at a wild bore and field of goats in an entirely new way. ‘Say, I am free this evening. Perhaps you are too.’

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Our U.S. military is the most brave, moral and competent force in the world. It is sickening and beyond treasonous that we have a Commander and Chief - Obama, who trifles with them, sexualizes them while raping their freedom of speech and religious rights. How dare he downsize them terrorize them, even try and demand they pay for their own war injuries, then destroy them.

Pray that the truth comes out regarding the endless crimes and betrayals of Benghazi with Rep. Trey Gowdy and his investigation. Pray for our troops in harms way and that the 2014 and 2016 elections will force the destructive and progressive/Obama tsunami back the other way.

We must support putting back ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ in our military, reinstate freedom of speech and religious rights for our military and stop using them as a social experiment for Obama’s agenda.

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� 2014 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Our U.S. military is the most brave, moral and competent force in the world. It is sickening and beyond treasonous that we have a Commander and Chief - Obama, who trifles with them, sexualizes them while raping their freedom of speech and religious rights.