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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 18, 2014

Common Core is no school curriculum but a national emergency

Obama has tricked in his Saul Alinsky way, at least 46 states to exchange the Government school Curriculum - Common Core for their state curriculum. The money troubled states jumped on the bandwagon with the contrived ‘race to the top’ contest. They were promised big money if they would use the Government curriculum, Common Core instead of the state version they were using. The trap was sprung with most state education leaders apparently inspired by the great sell out, Nancy Pelosi. How could we forget her famous words regarding the other horror show – Obamacare? “You have to pass it first then read it later.” That is exactly what most states did – accept the money and the federal curriculum site unseen.

I have been warning and screaming against Common Core for years now, talking every week with Ruth Bryant White of Breaking News Journal, Christina Michas and other leaders shining the light on this madness. The more I research, interview victims and look at the real lesson plans, I realize that this is a direct and evil plan of Islam, Communism and the New World Order. It is an evil Caliphate in full swing that plans to steal, data mind and control the minds, work choices and dreams of our children. No more critical and original thinking by children will be allowed. They will be dumbed down – pounded down and focused into the Islamic and Communist cattle shoot. Gifted and slower children will be lost as dreams and uniqueness are exchanged for sameness and compromise.

If Common Core is allowed to proceed it will make the damage of Obamacare look like a cakewalk. All children, teachers and schools, private and public will be controlled and damaged beyond recognition. It will indoctrinate our children into Islam, demonize Christianity and our Judeo-Christian values, push no right and wrong regarding sexual behavior and choice, but rather smother us with the gay agenda, porn and acting out.

State Educational leadership in the 46 states that accepted this curriculum (including my state of Washington) have acted like desperate teenagers ripping off the couch cushions to find coins. They sold out teacher’s rights, parental sovereignty and most importantly they have sold out our nation’s children and God himself.

What they have bought into?

Rewrite of History and push of Islam down children’s throats

We all learned in school that Columbus discovered America in 1492 but CAIR-HAMAS national director Nihad Awad feels differently. He stated the following on Saudi TV Dec. 27 in an interview in a New York studio. “There are historical accounts according to which Muslims preceded Columbus, who is said to have discovered the U.S.” He goes on…”Some documents and accounts indicate that Muslim seafarers were the first to reach the U.S., so the bottom line is that Islam played a part in the establishment and development of the U.S.” So…Islam is in front of Columbus, discovering America now. Isn’t that precious? What else will be rewritten? Perhaps Abraham Lincoln was a closet Muslim who married a lesbian. Maybe that is why he was assassinated. Perhaps, learning that our Congress back in the old days created a national day of prayer and sent out thousands of Holy Bibles to the American people was false. They really prayed to Allah and sent out the Koran. At least we will learn that Pee Wee Herman and Anna Nichole Smith founded the Federal Reserve and formed Sharia compliant entertainment unions for members of congress.

Common Core pushes Islamic Conversion – Christianity is out

In public school you wouldn’t dream of it being appropriate to teach the 4 spiritual laws, John 3:16, the 10 Commandments and ministry of Jesus. Perhaps you would in a Christian or Catholic school but not public. In Common Core not only is that not taught, but Christianity is mocked, put down or ignored. The real influence of Christianity in our nation’s history is rewritten. The reason they insult and ignore our Christian roots as a country is clearly because Common Core is financed in large part and promoted by Islam.

Common Core lesson Plans

Lesson Planet for teacher’s lesson plans in Common Core: 5 pillars of Islam, submission to the will of Allah, A call to Jihad, Converting to Islam, what is Islam? Overview of the Koran and Sharia Law, Islam and the US; hate crimes and hope, spirit of Islam, root causes of Muslim anger with the west, Muslims creating huge empire on 3 continents.

One wonders with all the Islamic conversion process if they teach the children their duty to wage jihad on all and explain Chapter 9 in the Koran. You know, the wonderful teaching that gives us 3 choices: 1) convert to Islam 2) submit to humiliation, sharia law and a high tax…or…3) be killed. Perhaps they could do a play in their clases on this. Hopefully not too many children would be beheaded or stoned in the process.

Common core doesn’t promote or allow the reading of famous literature anymore. Now, it is just informational texts from departments of Government like the IRS, EPA and U.N. The only thing anyone would use informational texts from the IRS, EPA or U.N. for would be for toilet paper. Forget that poor advice. You might get an infection that Obamacare wouldn’t cover. Shakespeare and the old classics are apparently a waste of time.

I have talked before about the sex perversion and indoctrination all over Common Core for all ages but essentially all attacks lead to the same killing field. Children are to be controlled, beaten down and formed into Government worker bees who have no believe or trust in God of the Holy Bible. They will be morphed into Islamic, internationally minded Communists who don’t have time to dream, excel and start businesses. They will be too busy praying 5 times a day and working for the Government.

Common Core is ‘one size fits all – Islamic controlled – Porn infested – anti American and anti truth. This is indeed a national emergency that will completely steal America’s future if this is allowed to continue. People, rise up, and call your schools take a bold stand against this and save your children!

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Some are rising up and exposing this evil. Recently I talked with Ruth Bryant White of Breaking News Journal. Her and nationally known educator Professor Steve White spoke at a big event -- ‘I refuse – Great American Opt Out’ in Long Island New York. This was a conference of concerned parents, children, media and political officials exposing Common Core. People in New York are waking up and so far at least 51,000 children have been taken out of schools there. This number is rising rapidly and not only in New York.

Be a protective and informed parent, citizen and a rowdy American. Stop this Islamic and progressive madness against our country and children!

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Common core doesn’t promote or allow the reading of famous literature anymore. Now, it is just informational texts from departments of Government like the IRS, EPA and U.N. The only thing anyone would use informational texts from the IRS, EPA or U.N. for would be for toilet paper. Forget that poor advice. You might get an infection that Obamacare wouldn’t cover.