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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 4, 2014

Is it too late for America?

One of the greatest and most miraculous stories in the Holy Bible was in Gen: 17-22 – Abraham and Sarah. You may recall this classic, when God told Abraham at 75 he would be the Father to many nations and they would have a son. They were obviously old and Sarah was baron. Against common sense, against physical limitations and against reason he and Sarah believed — then, they waited and waited. Medical Doctors when reviewing this story must laugh in disgust and horror at the unreality of it all. So sorry to them, but when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 she gave birth to Isaac, their son. God delivered in response to their faith and for HIS purpose.Abraham and Sarah celebrated and praised God for their son. Then, the other shoe dropped. They were tested by God. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on the alter to him. Most of us would have lost our minds about then — “You said what God???” God wanted to know if he could trust Abraham (soon to be the Father of many nations) even with his most treasured possession, his long waited for son, Isaac. Would he sacrifice Isaac to God??? Yes, even then Abraham believed and obeyed. Thankfully, God stopped the sacrifice. Abraham passed the test.

Is God testing and disciplining America?

We all know that Christians founded, framed, fought for and put together the founding documents for the United States of America. Are country is a miracle whether you believe it or not. No one thinks for a minute that we are all Christians in America, but a Gallup poll says that 77% identify themselves as Christians and an ABC news poll says that 83% of Americans identify themselves as a Christian, 13% say they have no religion and 4% make up all the rest. Everyone knows that many define being a Christian in lose or cultural ways but certainly a strong case could be made that in America we have a strong remnant of Bible believing and God loving Christians.

We are unique in the entire world and most Americans from the start of our young life relied on the God of the Holy Bible to protect and guide them. God not only protected America but also built us up to be the most influential country on earth. We have fought for freedom for desperate people around the world over and over again. We have wiped out ruthless murdering dictators and even built back from ruin former enemies we had conquered. No country on earth does that…America does. Why? Because America, though full of herself and distracted at times, has a huge heart of God inspired compassion and love for freedom. We cannot just watch suffering and evil and pretend it isn’t there. Obama is apparently ashamed of our history and being a real American. I am not.

America is being attacked from within – Judged and disciplined NOT DESTROYED

God doesn’t just throw people or countries away. All through the Old Testament God was interceding and drawing Israel back to himself again and again, though they rebelled. They would turn away from God then be taken over by another nations and disciplined. Remember, the famous story of Moses leading Israel out of their long captivity from Egypt to the sea. They were being chased by the largest army on earth. Israel had nowhere else to go. Was this a trap by God to destroy and judge them? They were completely overwhelmed and surrounded. History and the Bible records that this turned out to be another impossible ‘Sarah having a baby at 90 moment.’ The water of the sea parted and the whole nation of Israel walked safely across and the chasing Egyptian army all drowned when the sea came crashing down all over them. God never gives up on people. We are the ones who give up on Him. He pursues us, courts us, forgives us and lifts us up again and again.

Even in the most evil of times and places God has honored those who trust and love Him. Lot wasn’t destroyed in the evil, Sodom and Gomorrah. Then there was the world famous Noah story. The earth had gone bonkers in its evil and rebellion to God so God decided to wipe everyone out in a flood. That is everyone except the one who love and served him in this nightmare of a time. God saved Noah and his family. He could have just wiped the slate clean and started again but he didn’t. He was as usual, attentive to every person, heart and detail. Naturally, the entertainment world has spun what they wanted out of the Noah story with Russell Crow. God destroyed the world because of what mankind did to the environment. It was an environmental problem and not a sin problem. I am so glad Hollywood clarified this for us aren’t you?

I believe America has been used and will continue to be used to be God’s voice, hands and feet through out the world. God loves the world and provided a bold way of escape for us all. The very famous, John 3:16 states: ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.’ It doesn’t say, ‘For God is boss so you will mind him or else.’ I doesn’t say that God is Holy and right so we must obey and love him. He said He loves us and if we will believe on His son and his love inspired remedy we can live forever with Him. That is not a tyrant God who gives up or walks away on America or our lives.

What to do:

Chronicles 7:14 says it and reveals God’s heart for America. ‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.’

Most of us who are believers in God of the Holy Bible must snap out of your complacency and doomsday talk. We must pray for our country, that our Lord Jesus will rise up Godly leaders for our country – full of integrity and honor. We must start by straightening out our lives and being people worthy of His love and mercy. Many of my friends in the media tell me it is over. America is being judged and crushed through Obama and the new world order. It is all over but the ‘fat lady’ singing. Wrong and Wrong!

Wake up my friends! That is exactly what Satan and the enemies of this country want. They want us to resign to our own self judgment and give up. Who wins if America isn’t healthy, wealthy, spiritually inspired and growing….All dictators and all evil through out the world. America must and will win in the 2014 elections. I believe we will get back the House and the Senate. We will then win in 2016. Believe and receive God’s miraculous blessing and direction in your heart first, then your family, work, state and country.

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Obama and the progressive/communist agenda are nothing but pathetic gnats under God’s feet. The water will part and the fire will not burn America though we are caught in the middle of it. God will give us Psalm 91 protection to those who believe and receive it and God will give judgment to those who think they are God. Don’t worry — pray and stand. Watch our mighty God work wonders and miracles for America in response to His will AND the millions of prayers of His people all across our land. Obama can do whatever he wants but he and his evil agenda will be stopped and judged. Get excited and be on the right side. Do what God tells you to do and watch Him work His miracles in our country — then the world again.

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One of the greatest and most miraculous stories in the Holy Bible was in Gen: 17-22 – Abraham and Sarah. You may recall this classic, when God told Abraham at 75 he would be the Father to many nations and they would have a son.