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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 7, 2014

There is no mystery with Obama

Remember the over all goals of Obama and the progressives. They are vividly clear and moving fast. Thank God that slumbering and distracted Americans are also finally starting to move, get thoroughly ticked off and getting out of their seats. It is about time. I was beginning to think America was the walking dead. Now listen up.

Obama plans big government to control all aspects of our lives, faith, health and economy. There is no need to go to any other restaurant than the Obama Bistro. Obama will give you the menu and you will order what is listed by him unless of course you want to fast for a very long time.

What is on the menu at Obama Bistro

Obama intends for us to submit to redistribution of all wealth and endure heavy taxation and business controls in everything. So far the oozing and smelly tentacles of Obama are are wrapping around our necks. Eyes look weird when they pop out don’t they?

1) Healthcare with Obamacare
2) Crushing of Judeo Christian values
3) Attacking gun and 2nd amendment rights
4) Controlling speech and media freedom
5) Stealing American wealth through high and hidden taxation, regulation and executive orders,
6) Indoctrinating, manipulating and controlling America’s children through Common Core
7) Crushing Family, state and Federal Sovereignty.


Obama has managed to destroy the best health care system in the world while finding numerous ways to steal money and proprietary information from the people while rationing out health care. He is manipulating and threatening ‘Health care chips’ to be inserted into our bodies while linking into bank accounts to steal even more.

He will finally be able to kill off those independent minded, little too patriotic and religious seniors. Obama will first take their assets and money before the long lines and lack of quality health care kills them off. You don’t want to have waste you know.

GOP listen up. Obamacare MUST be destroyed. Not played with, not modified, not discussed with progressives or Obama. It must be destroyed and extracted like the terminal cancer it is. Get it?

Crushing Judeo Christian values

Most of us have just about had it with Obama kissing up to Islam, Gay Marriage, abortion, compromise after compromise and insult to God after insult. God is getting real tired of looking at Obama’s middle finger. Whether you like it or not, our country was inspired by God and built on Christian values. Our real skeletal core is Christian, not new age, not Islamic, not new world order.

We have achieved the most of any nation on earth and lead because we were a nation of Prayer and have believed in freedom. As we have rebelled and fallen into pride and self-worship, our power has been diffused. While we have been distracted with entertaining ourselves our enemies have attacked and surrounded us from within.

What you must understand in your gut is that Christianity must be crushed in America for Obama, Communism/socialism to succeed. Obama and Big Government is God, not Jesus and Jehovah of the Holy Bible. God and Christians are simply in the way and we have been treated like that from the beginning of Obama’s reign from hell. At this stage, Christians are attacked by Obama assaulting our speech and rights on a regular basis. Christianity is being redefined as new age muck of nothingness…a placebo for the people if they want it.

The Biblical moral fabric of America is now the Amoral/Islamic and New world order. Islam and Internationalism will be the new hybrid Religion peppered with Christian cherries and frosting. This is already on its way with sell out Christian posers who support the merging of Christianity with Islam i.e.

Christians and Conservatives listen up. The ONLY way to save this country and stop our hemorrhaging is to turn back to the God of the Holy Bible, repent of our sin, then protect our Christian rights, speech and moral code. There is no time for any Christian anywhere to back down now. Stand, open your mouth, pray and shout. Politeness and softness is over rated and frankly killing us off.

Attacking Gun rights and the 2nd amendment

As with all dictators in history they come for the guns. They must get them out of the citizen’s hands so they can control like the narcissist and puppeteer they are. They can’t have violent reactions and interruption. Hitler did this in Saul Alinsky fashion by creating a false flag event saying the Russians attacked and destroyed the German Government building. Now he had the national emergency he needed to campaign and manipulate a legal bill into place ‘Hitler’s enabling act in 1933.’ This gave him the ‘temporary’ right to confiscate all the guns of the German people and he did. That is where his control and terror started, quite legally with the guns of the German people.

The beautiful thing in Hitler’s mind was that the Russians never blew up anything. Hitler hired his own Nazi party members to destroy the Government building. It was the classic false flag event so he could then manipulate his Government to give him dictatorship powers because of the fake national emergency.

As in the days of 1933, we have a President now; Obama hates the 2nd amendment and wants our guns on several levels. No one can prove for sure but there does seem to have been several false flag events where nothing seems to add up from the Sandy Hook shooting on. Gun control schemes are peppered all through this regime.

We see in Connecticut thousands of people are fighting back against forced gun confiscation. The gun registration came and went with hundreds of thousands standing up against this who simply did not register. Now the plot looks a little more Hitlerian because, all these law-abiding citizens are criminals in some way. Will the cops go door-to-door, start arresting and confiscating weapons? This could get really ugly and fast.

Apparently New Jersey doesn’t want to be outdone so they are pushing a bill to ban .22 caliber guns. They are full of magic in this state and have turned the small caliber .22 into an assault weapon. Once again, will New Jersey citizens rebel and stand? If so, will the cops go door-to-door, arrest and confiscate?

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This draconian and UN Constitutional push against guns is starting to grow, creating the contrived right for the local cops, turned ‘Obama and gun control SS’ to seize ALL guns and flatten all 2nd amendment rights. This is peppered through various state actions so far but will soon go national. The ONLY option for the American people in every state is to stand up, register nothing, buy more guns and ammo and organize. Join the NRA and Gun Owners of America. Keeping our guns and gun rights is one of the last protections of freedom we have. Even if it gets bloody and violent, we can’t give up our guns and 2nd amendment rights -- unless of course we want to live in NAZI Germany again.

In part 2 I will go over the assaults on speech/media, the indoctrination of our children with Common core, stealing through taxation, regulation and executive orders and attack on family, state and federal sovereignty. We will win but we have to fight like never before and get conservatives in the HOUSE and SENATE in 2014.

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� 2014 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The Biblical moral fabric of America is now the Amoral/Islamic and New world order. Islam and Internationalism will be the new hybrid Religion peppered with Christian cherries and frosting. This is already on its way with sell out Christian posers who support the merging of Christianity with Islam...