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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 28, 2014

Obama and the progressives have shredded our national flesh and skin down to the exposed bone. We now look like a staggering Zombie with chunks of tendons hanging everywhere, dripping and splattering blood as we roll down the street. People run to get out of the way as Obama jeers and laughs at us in between golf games.

Obama most certainly is ‘transforming’ and changing America as he promised from the beginning. Obama’s goal is simple and stated in everything he does and speaks. It is seen in his pathetic and limited career. It is reflected in his life long associations, choices of church fellowship with Rev. Wright for too many years to ignore and his own writings. Obama hates America and intends for America to pay. Frankenstein has found a playmate now.

Obama’s transformational goals for America

Turn us into…

Turn America into a Socialist-Communist regime submitted to Obama, Islam and International controls. Ignore Congress, Seduce Congress, Threaten Congress and Buy Congress until it is completely neutered. He is right on target. Until perhaps the 2014 and 2016 elections…hmmmm

Make us pay…

Make America pay for her achievements by stealing and redistributing her wealth to Islamic and Dictatorial regimes he is in bed with through out Africa and the Middle East. Obama believes America’s exceptionalism and leadership is in place due to stealing from Islam and 3rd world countries. Certainly our achievements have nothing to do with being submissive to the living God of the Holy Bible and being blessed by Him.

Destroy Christians and Conservatives…

Rip to shreds the Rights of Christians, gun owners and Conservatives. Make their speech not only evil and racist, but also illegal and criminal. Soon the arrests will begin in droves as Christians and their voices are attacked then silenced. Will Christians submit…just take it…re invent theology and The Bible to deal with the growing threats and stress…or pray AND stand with God’s leading and power?

Make America’s children and schools submit to Obama and Progressives

We are seeing Obama and the left turn America into a submissive, nation of worker bees and do this in part by transforming our children’s minds through the Federally pushed national school curriculum Common Core. This is the same Common Core that shockingly many ‘poser conservatives’ say they support and that it is good for America. In truth, Common Core should be called Communist Core (as regular guest and political activist Christina Michas calls it) since it violates parent’s rights, teacher and student rights, privacy rights, state sovereignty and flips off God and Judeo Christian values once and for all. It rewrites history, replaces health and sex education with porn and amorality. It pushes Islam and the international agenda while data mining children. It is all about big government turning our children into nothing but submissive worker bees who obey Government and forget God and dreams.

Use of Government agencies against the people

Obama is destroying all who stand against him -- Tea Party, conservative family and Christian groups – anyone who stands against him. He attacks reputations and uses the NSA and the IRS as vicious and rapid attack dogs. We see growing false arrests, spying on our phone calls and destroying reputations far and wide. Safe in the privacy of your own home??? Guess again.

We…the ignorant and distracted -- the too busy to pay attention -- the hands off because he is the first black president…have fallen prey to the most effective and deadly attack on America in our history. Forget WW1, WW2, Endless wars with Islam and other Dictators. WE ARE BEING DESTROYED FROM WITHIN AND THE DAMAGE IS BREATH TAKING. Many in our country and the world believe we cannot recover. America is over. What do you believe and what do you want? No…WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO?

Snap out of it – rise up and be healed

We are Americans and we live in the most miraculous, Christian inspired and powerful country the world has ever known. Our roots, inspiration and skeletal core is Christian, not Muslim or secular – not Obama. No wonder Obama our Muslim President hates America. We are infidels to him. America has served and honored God while bringing freedom and resources to the world since her beginning!

There is zero reason to be ashamed or intimidated by Obama or anyone else. Don’t let anyone in our White House, in your work place or media rewrite our history. Be proud to be an American and stand up.

Here is the deal folks

Americans screw up. We rebel and think we are ‘all that’ sometimes. We vote in the wrong people because we are distracted and stuck on stupid. AND AMERICA FORGETS THAT GOD IS ON OUR SIDE, CREATED US AND WILL HELP US BACK IF WE HUMBLE OURSELVES AND ASK FOR HIS HELP. Read 2nd Chronicles 7: 14 again. ‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will they hear from heaven, will I forgive their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND.’

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Act like the REAL Americans we are. We must make the 2014 elections count by voting in real patriots and servants of the Constitution and truth. Egos be damned. We don’t have time for that anymore. Pray every day that God will raise up real leaders and servants who honor HIM and that He will heal our land.

If Americans will rise up in mass, do the right thing and pray to the right God…He will show up and fix all that is needed. It doesn’t matter how powerful Obama and his handlers think they are. They are gnats to God under His feet, as we trust Him to protect and help us.

Those who intend to hide under the bed and give up get out of my way because I will stand until my last breath and scream…FREEDOM!!!

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� 2014 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Obama is destroying all who stand against him -- Tea Party, conservative family and Christian groups – anyone who stands against him. He attacks reputations and uses the NSA and the IRS as vicious and rapid attack dogs.