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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 17, 2014

Helping the money making economy – Drugs, Human trafficking and Slave labor voting block

Sedation and lies to keep you away from the truth

Illegal immigration and the amnesty discussion are always couched in these fraudulent Sound bites the masses are manipulated with.

Family values rhetoric -- Remember when former President Bush used to talk to us about the ‘family values’ of those illegally coming across the border? He made sure we all viewed the brave ‘Minute Men’ volunteers serving to protect our borders as ‘vigilantes.’ They were saving lives and peacefully assisting border patrol…oh yes and using their own money to do it, yet they were called names by Bush, Why? They deserved to be called heroes not vigilantes. There was obviously an open border agenda going on. Open to what???

‘Illegals do the work no one else will.’ -- We have heard this one for decades but it is also blatantly untrue and designed to make us look the other way so the illegal alien card trick keeps our eyes away from the hidden cards.

‘Racism and the persecution of the poor.’ -- Obama and the progressive left say that all those not supporting amnesty and endless provisions for illegals are racist and hate the poor. We are all against poor people – family values – not good Christians – and simply racists.

Helping ‘young people to overcome ‘unjust immigration laws’ by giving them higher education. -- So, the big plot thickens with group after group and politician after politician trying to own the young illegal alien voter block by getting them all kinds of scholarships and free College tuition. All the rest of our poor, white American students can simply eat rocks and die. Struggle along with 3 jobs and hope to get into the local Community College when you can afford it. Back to the illegal ‘special’ young people…

What is really going on

Republican establishment, liberal progressive Democrats, Obama and other American subversives are combining efforts to build and protect drug cartels making an estimated 37 billion each year flowing across the borders, human trafficking networks and controlled slave labor voting blocks. Looking the other way on the border and slamming amnesty through will also allow ‘friends and alleys’ of Obama and his supporters to fulfill the bigger Obama purpose – plans for a ‘false flag’ event ignited by those who have also come across the border. Then Obama can manipulate martial law into place and control us like dogs sent to the slaughter if we growl or bite.

For the last few months I have been interviewing Andy Ramirez, President of Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, who has revealed mountains of sworn testimonies and perjury before Congress by top dogs peppered through the DHS and border security apparatus. These include, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection from 2009-2013, David Aguilar, who was the Chief of the Border Patrol from 2004-2009; His principle supporter was Rep. Silvestre Reyes, Aguilar’s former boss in the Border Patrol. Reyes acted as cover for Aguilar until he lost his re-election bid in 2012, after serving 8 terms in Congress.

Listen to all the testimonies for yourself and make up your own mind - January 9th, 2014 scroll down and click on the date. We played testimony after testimony of DHS leadership lying before Congress. In one instance, USBP Chief Michael Fisher has the audacity to declare a defense of his oath of office, yet he clearly is obstructing Congress and lying in his testimony during the June 2013 hearing. After hearing Acting Assistant Commissioner Murphy utter an “I don’t know” response to a very simple entry question about the border, Congressman Mica angrily asks, “where do they find these people?”

Listen to them, then after wanting to blow your brains out with their ‘plausible deniability’ game ask yourself why they are so anti border security???

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Unbelievably, Congress has done nothing after Andy Ramirez testified thoroughly before Congress. The presented evidence given to key Members of Congress is enormous and points to perjury, years of corruption, massive fraud, with internal affairs “sandbagging” investigations, and sabotage of the whole border patrol enterprise.

DHS sabotaged infrastructure by NOT supporting the hugely successful and affordable Raytheon’s Project Athena and went instead with the lame Boeing’s Secure Borders Initiative that did little or nothing from the get go and cost massive taxpayer funded dollars.

Check out my last article on DHS corruption then join us Thursday January 16th at:, from 7-10pm PAC. Andy Ramirez and I continue and expose the corruption by DHS, which brazenly supports drug cartels, human trafficking, slave labor and crimes against America and her security.

It is time to call it what it is and it AIN’T amnesty.

Join me each day as I explore these and other issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at:

� 2014 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Illegal immigration and the amnesty discussion are always couched in these fraudulent Sound bites the masses are manipulated with.