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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 27, 2013

Victory is ours - Don't screw it up now

We are in the battle of our lives for our freedom, economy, health and Judeo Christian heritage. Obama has boldly attacked and shredded them all. He has gleefully used his Saul Alinsky bag of violent and covert Jihad against us. In 2014 the attacks will grow by Obama and feel like steam rollers over our lives and communities unless America snaps out of our stupor. Hark& but America IS snapping out of her stupor and so is the lame brain media. It is building up force against Obama and Obamacare and I love it.

Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays "empty speech" Obama dared to suggest that our families share some of our intimate family conversation and time talking about Obama and Obamacare. That was yet again another pitiful and desperate attempt to almost beg folks to sign up at the exchanges that do not work. The health care system and web site Obama and the Democrat/progressives have created is not only broken but also immoral, unsecured and blatantly incompetent. "Please pass some more ham Aunt Suzy. Now, I realize you are struggling with cancer and you are still grieving over the passing of your husband, but about those exchanges. Have you tried to sign up again Suzy? Don't talk to me about the first 10 attempts not working. That is in the past now."

Poll after poll are suggesting that the Republicans could indeed take over the Senate and fortify the House. Now, other than the "interrupt our Holidays with Obamacare talk" game, Obama and his Marxist progressives, will be playing other favorites. These include, "manipulation" "indoctrination" and "slam" theatre to try and pull out wins in the 2014 election cycle. The tragic thing in all this is that Obama still thinks he is playing to a packed house but in truth, most the people have left the theatre and are walking around the streets and through their tattered homes surveying the damage Obama has caused, while he continues drooling with his lying speeches of self worship. Perhaps Tim Burton should create a sequal "Obama scissorhands" 2.

Christmas gift to America for 2014

The people and their unique and bold spirit are rising up in force against Obamacare and Obama's thuggery. Therefore, Obama and his progressive whores will try and convince us that the people aren't really rising up. Obamacare, the exchanges and the web site from hell are are working and available.

Republicans are the evil ones who are daring to try and stop "our" health care. The Republicans hate poor people. The Republicans hate illegal immigrants. The republicans hate women since they don't want the country to be forced to pay for abortions. The Republicans hate gay people since they mostly stand for marriage between a man and a woman. The Republicans shut down the Government and are practically anarchists who want to crush the people, her needs and Government. They are relics and simply stuck in Constitutional sewage of the past. Obama simply wants to transform us. Don't the people understand?

All the "failing" Obama can do is continue to hurl sound bites to his empty theatre -- lies about Obamacare and his joke of a web site. Just a few days back he gave us another mini delay, which is one of his predictable games& the "mini delay" game. Will this hopefully manipulate some support of Obamacare and get anyone to start signing up? NO it will not and is not.

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Be focused, prayerful, motivated to win and joyful in 2014. Obamacare will come down. Obama will also come down and the progressive agenda will be shattered. As in the days of Japan daring to attack Pearl Harbor and "awaking the sleeping giant" so has Obama with the crushing attack of Obamacare on America.

I predict the 2014 elections will be the "bombing of Hiroshima" for Obama's agenda and Obamacare. Obama brought it. Now America will bring it to the "Narcisist n' Chief."

The lights are quickly going out in the theatre Obama. Perhaps you should go home. There may be a Holiday discount to Kenya.

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� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The people and their unique and bold spirit are rising up in force against Obamacare and Obama's thuggery.