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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 29, 2013

Obama sits excitedly at his Communist-progressive ‘machine gun’ in the White House. He loads and reloads, firing away at Americans like a kid lost in ‘Toys R US.’ For over 5 years now commentators have wondered and theorized what was really behind Obama’s radical and UN Constitutional behavior that seems to fly out of him at warp speed.

Some have said, ‘Obama is just inexperienced.’ Others have said he is ‘incompetent.’ Those of us who have watched and studied Obama’s actions from before he was first elected realize neither is correct. He is the chosen one, managed by international and Muslim handlers. He is passionately committed to his master…Satan, Islam and the new world order. Perhaps we can call them the ‘unholy trinity’ that inspires and empowers Obama.

Obama is simply a long planned out ‘hammer’ in the hands of the ongoing and multi decade internationalist control agenda. It has defined itself as many things, but essentially today, hides behind the face lift of ‘agenda 21’ ‘sustainability’ International-human rights (code for Muslim rights). It has created ‘international emergencies’ such as ‘global warming’ that will manipulate and control international taxes, laws, food sources and land.

4 areas of bold and deadly attacks by Obama that will crush America if we let him

Obama sold out Israel and has Emboldened Iran - giving them 8 billion dollars

Obama’s back door deal with Iran is treason -- deadly to Israel and to us. He has stopped our common sense and desperately needed sanctions against Iran and instead offered them 8 billion dollars so they can quickly and surely finish up their nuclear and ‘attack’ ambitions against Israel and the West. They will probably take out the Saudis as well when ready. This is one of the most deadly, disloyal and brazen decisions Obama has made while in office.

Notice the hatred and real feelings Obama has about Christians. He didn’t include in his treacherous deal with Iran the demand that the Iranians release the American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini – 33 who was sentenced to 8 years in prison and has been enduring torture. All this for simply being a Christian. Saeed is married and a father and a Christian…and an American being ruthlessly tortured and imprisoned. Obama has nothing to say about it when he should of and could of. If that doesn’t tell you what Obama really thinks of Christians…nothing will.

Planned incompetence and evil force behind the exchanges and Obamacare

Every day the Obamacare suffering and pain gets bloodier, deeper and wider. Now, following the Christmas rush, predictions are flying around that from 80-150 million people in January will be dropped from their health care employer plans. There is no sign of the infamous Obamacare web site working any time soon. There is only the usual disinformation and sound bite theatre from Obama.

Obama’s crashing poll numbers however, are bold signs that the masses are not just taking the spoonfuls of rotten vinegar anymore. Americans and even some of the brain dead media are waking up…and they had better wake up fast or they will die.

Do you get the seriousness of this unfolding attack yet??? Millions of people are now dumped from their insurance plans, with precious few places to go and many of those have illnesses, diseases, need meds, are pregnant, and need treatment. Obama has created a national disaster, which is just beginning. This battle will become far more ugly before it gets better.

Internationalism/Islam/New world order is the unholy trinity and lifeblood of the Federally imposed school curriculum Common Core

Every Friday on my national radio show from 7-8pm PAC, I talk with Christina Michas, a bold activist exposing the real horrors and truth of Common Core in our public schools. I have screamed about this bold assault on our children and families but not enough are listening yet. Shockingly, there are alleged conservatives and known GOP personalities who say this is great. Obviously, they have not read anything in it or studied what it is really doing and teaching!

Just a few tidbits from Common Core

It rewrites our history and compares Boston Tea Party patriots to 9/11 terrorists. Hello? Common Core has pro Islam sentiment peppered all through it and Christianity and Judeo Christian values of any kind and reference removed. Common Core authors are internationalists and into sustainability and agenda 21. Health and sexuality classes are now pro gay-pro acting out porno parties. Kids are being taught and even pushed to try on all kinds of sexuality and expression. There is no right or wrong and young kids are referred to reading material that is simply porn for 5 year olds on up. Check it out yourself.

Achievement and individuality is crushed in Common Core, while kids are pushed into a ‘sustainable’ ooze of sameness…nothing exceptional, unique…just a sustainable work blob to be data mined and manipulated. You can find out more at: This curriculum will destroy and control the minds, sexuality, work choices and spirituality of our children. It is time to find out if Common Core is in your school system yet and if so…get your kids out before it is too late.

Coming soon if we let Obama and his dictatorship fantasy rule

Government will control:

What you own
Where you live
Where you work
What you eat
How and who you worship
What you say
What you drive
How long you live
If you get medical care

I see the International power elite, with Obama involved in leadership pushing for a Government approved ‘combo’ religion, perhaps like ‘Chrislam’ or a Unitarian type religion on the surface that is really controlled by Islam and Dictators. This religion will be nothing more on the surface than a placebo for the masses, but will be full of tyrannical controls just underneath the surface’ sugar.’

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Christianity and Christians will be described as pushing and teaching ‘hate crimes’ ‘anti Government because God is above Obama.’ Since ‘real’ Christians won’t be controlled, they will be targeted and outlawed eventually.

Obama MUST resign, tried for treason, impeached or be arrested. He is brazen and prolific in his assaults on America. House and Senate rise up! American people rise up! ‘Put away food, emergency items, guns, ammo, medicine and gasoline.’ Pray hard and vote only for conservatives in the 2014 elections so conservatives can get back the Senate and fortify the House.

Join me each day as I explore these and other issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at:

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Obama’s back door deal with Iran is treason -- deadly to Israel and to us.