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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 25, 2013

Obama is indeed a talented ‘poser n’ Chief. It takes rare talent to be standing in a pit of refuse, looking up arrogantly through the mountains of dung and then smoothly talk to the nation about the wonders and cost saving brilliance of Obamacare. All this while 747s continue to drop more failure and lying Obamacare dung on his head.

What types of statements have we been hearing from Obama and his talking heads the last few weeks in the face of this unprecedented failure? “Obamacare stalled and the computer only had glitches due to the millions of people signing up for it.” The truth -- Almost zero could sign up. Now, Obama is forced to barely admit that they are working with the best techs in the business to fix a few lines of code in the web site. Again, all this was due to the endless hits on the site by millions of Obamacare fans. Lie – Lie and triple Lie. Perhaps we should create a new site for those who want to sign up for something

As the whole country knows (even lame brain media) hardly anyone could sign up for Obamacare. Those who were naïve enough to give out all of their personal information, thinking their application was being processed were wrong. The $632 million dollar computer from the Dung heap couldn’t even deal with the few applications that managed to get through the system. Only God knows where the few and mixed up applications managed to be thrown in the digital computer horror house. Perhaps there should be a movie made on this computer malfunction – TRON 4 – We could all be thrown into this digital Obama war zone, suit up and fight for our lives.

Won’t it be rich, if by January, the threatened fines still go out and the Obama supporters who signed up believing their messiah had delivered health care for them all will be among the first to be fined because the computer couldn’t figure out what to do with their applications?

As I boldly said in my article last week, let us ALL have a national resistance and not sign up for any exchanges. The House and the Senate have not protected Americans from the threats, compromised health care hidden all through Obamacare and the fines. The only way for us all to survive and save ourselves is to boycott Obamacare completely no matter what the threats!!

Who would trust mountains of personal information to Obama and this incompetent monster computer system when only God knows what your information will be used for? I guarantee you it will be used to target Obama’s enemies, conservatives, Christians, Tea Party folks and others.

When the ‘single payer healthcare scheme’ unfolds to magically fix everything – you know, the mess Obama is creating right now, your info will be used to allow Obama to seize payments out of your bank account and force you to join a single payer Government system. If you do not comply when he goes to this next step his response will be far more deadly -- try seizing a whole payroll check, taking over assets, sending unannounced, armed officials to your home to confront or arrest you, foreclosing on your home…on and on. This is how a dictatorship unfolds. We must stop it now.

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This is eventually what Obama wants and he will get it if the American people don’t rise up…as in…DO NOT SIGN UP ANYWHERE FOR OBAMACARE EXCHANGES. This scheme is no different at all than Hitler’s early and legal strategies of control in Nazi Germany with Hitler’s Enabling act and his manipulative, national health care scheme. This was designed to control and deny care to those deemed unworthy to live. Let’s see…’Death panels’ and limited ‘cost effective’ care for seniors with Obamacare – there is a familiar ring.

Do not sign up for ANY exchanges and DO NOT give out your personal information to them either.

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� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Those who were naïve enough to give out all of their personal information, thinking their application was being processed were wrong.