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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 11, 2013

Captain Obama runs to and fro on the slippery deck screaming with words from his teleprompter that everything is fine, “we have a momentary close.” “We have millions of sign ups for the exchanges.” According to my sources there were maybe 750 and 1 in 10 that could even get through to sign up. Perhaps Obama failed math and that is why his College records are so secret.

Hawaii was forced to re launch after way too many exchange sign ups – OOPS – after zero sign ups! Captain Obama, seeing the water sweep over the decks and some of his deck hands jumping, shut the Obamacare mother ship down saying they were working out a few things and would boot it up again. On and on -- the sinking of the tyrannical ship goes.

And then it sinks - not our country

Recently I have interviewed on my national radio show too many people who have given up all hope. They say we are simply done. Just this week I interviewed former law enforcement officer and vet, Terry Cook who said on my show in many articulate ways that it was all over. “Its all over but the shouting.” His research was brilliant, laying out all the tentacles of the new world order crowd. Although I am the first to acknowledge the evil push of so many and their puppet masters, this is not new, nor will they win. No offense to all the prolific patriots who I respect and appreciate but – YOU ARE WRONG.

America is just beginning to get it and will get our fine country back. Evil is unraveling itself. They will lose and we will win. Get this vision in your mind. Accept nothing else but victory and freedom! Now -- back it with prayer, courage and action!

I am most certain with the endless ammo purchases by the Obama Government, reports of Federalized police departments and foreign troops doing drills in our country that evil take over schemes are afoot. False flag events are in place and martial law is planned. We all know by now, including the Democrats that Obama wants a Dictatorship and is attempting to run everything with that strategy.

Obama care is a huge part of his take over plan to distract and manipulate public opinion to Obama and create a vehicle to literally control our lifespan, get rid of seniors and other undesirables while accessing our accounts.

Most of us know and now even some of the sell out media knows, that Obamacare is a living nightmare and the Obama ship is sinking so fast that they had better find their voice or they will go down with the suction of descending Obama water…Down – Down – Down.

Remember who the REAL God is

Does Jesus really listen to our prayers and know how to deal with the complex handlers of evil everywhere? Let me remind you of a few tid - bits, as we see the holy grail of Obamacare swirl down the toilet bowel.

Did God part the entire Sea so the nation of Israel being chased by the Egyptian army could get through? Then, did he drown the Egyptian army as they tried to chase them? Yes. Was that a political or common sense solution? No - It was God’s solution.

Did God take an orphan girl, Esther and place her in the palace of a pagan king as his Queen to once again save Israel that was about to be destroyed – Yes.

Did God place Joseph as second in command in Egypt to save Israel from a famine? What about the unique path that God used to get him there? Let’s see…thrown into a cistern by his brothers, and then sold into slavery, worked in a kitchen, then was falsely accused of rape and was thrown into prison. He then interpreted dreams for the king and ended up 2nd in command and saved a ton of people. Weird and impractical career path and totally God like.

God wants to protect our country and us as well. Re-read Psalm: 91, Gods amazing covenant of protection for all who believe and trust Him for HIS protection. It is for a time such as this. I have read countless testimonies of military and civilians who have believed this Psalm and trusted God for protection in times of grave danger and the miracles that happened, over and over again in their lives.

I challenge us all to humble ourselves before our Lord Jesus and pray Psalm 91 protection over our country and for God’s continued plan of restoration to unfold.

God is at the helm of Obamacare collapsing because of the prayers of millions of Christians and the power that releases from HIM. Remember in Chronicles 7:14 he states: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Notice God says he is most interested in ‘healing their land…that includes America if we will do what this verse says.

To do list

Pray for the continued collapse and destruction of Obama care
Pray that God raises up fierce leaders of courage and integrity who will stand against Obama and the progressive take over schemes
Pray Conservatives everywhere win in the 2014 elections and that conservatives take back the Senate
Pray that Obama continues to be exposed for whom and what he is and that he will be held accountable
Start praising and thanking God IN ADVANCE for His protection and restoration of our lives and country.

It is most seductive and common to do nothing but focus on the evil, the plans, the sinister movement of the new world order and Obama. What do you notice when you focus almost exclusively on the evil? You feel increasingly hopeless, scared, depressed, angry, exhausted….then you feel simply helpless. Now, the dictator has won. You will submissively boil in the water until cooked. Wake up America.

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Get it through your heads now or you will certainly die. Be unimpressed or moved by the evil all around! Get your life in order, pray to our Lord for help daily and thank him in advance for his miracles that are all ready unfolding and will continue to unfold! Look at what is happening already with Obamacare in spite of the HOUSE not being able to get it defunded or delayed. God is taking care of business folks.

Watch what comes now. It will be better than any movie you have ever seen. AMERICA BELONGS TO GOD AND WAS FOUNDED BY HIS PEOPLE. DON’T YOU DARE TALK DEFEAT AND GIVE IT OVER TO SATAN NOW.

Join me each day as I explore these and other issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at:

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Hawaii was forced to re launch after way too many exchange sign ups – OOPS – after zero sign ups! Captain Obama, seeing the water sweep over the decks and some of his deck hands jumping, shut the Obamacare mother ship down saying they were working out a few things and would boot it up again.