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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 6, 2013

Obama is turning America into his ‘sustainable’ GI Joe sized progressive Zombie doll. Soon he will have this doll attacking Syria. Masterfully from the beginning of his reign he has used and positioned the political game pieces as he wished. Most Republicans and poser conservatives have ‘politely’ played right into his hands with a dinner here and a glass of wine there.

McCain, Boehner, Cantor and Lindsey Graham are all GI Joe sized fools sliding through Obama’s smoke stained fingers. I used to scream out… ‘They all know better. What are they doing?” However, watching their endless compromises and betrayals to the people and our Constitution, it is clear what their real agenda is and it isn’t American. They all just run around in their Halloween, conservative costumes positioned to play good cop and bad cop but they and their pumpkins belong to Obama as he carves away.

What would Republicans like on their menu

It is tragically clear that no one has ordered the Constitution and Bill of Rights dish on the menu. Now that the high priced dinner is being served, the Republicans are noticing how small the portions are and how raw the meat is. Like the Joker in Batman, Obama’s lipstick is smearing as he laughs and eats the bloody raw meat of his foes in the House and Senate. He loves this meal as the rest of the table throws up but ‘graciously’ endures. It was time for a real food fight many years ago with Obama and Congress.

When are the Republicans going to learn that this is a bloody war we are in largely thanks to their lack of leadership and guts! It has been a war for the life of the nation and Judeo Christian values since the beginning of the Obama reign. We can thank the ‘look the other way’ choices of the Republicans. Most of them didn’t have a thing to say about the elegability issue accept call people like me birthers and other names when we pointed out the national crises regarding this issue alone.

Too many Republicans aided and abetted the national fraud of the NDAA Bill and kissed up on the Obamacare Bill and the right to peacefully assemble. They have been pitiful with their momentary displays of courage regarding the IRS and NSA scandals. The push to find real accountability over the disaster of Benghazi is weak at best and seeming to fizzle. America hasn’t just wanted endless investigations of the numerous Obama scandals. We want justice…period whether it is smelly, harsh, messy, politically incorrect or plain rude.

We have never needed conservative sounding political speeches, but real and continuous confrontation and action against Obama and his UN Constitutional agenda and use of power. Where are the people in America who will do what is right because it is right and forget the outcome? Outcomes should and must be left up to God, not up to our egos and career plans.

Obama is a committed progressive zombie with an UN Godly, international, Islamic and New World Order agenda for America. He does nothing without benefiting this political agenda. Now he is using his Syria and Obamacare skewer for his next play.

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We see a little too quickly, Speaker Boehner, Cantor and McCain supporting the President’s desire to go to war with Syria. This is in stark contrast with all but 11% of the entire nation and most of the world. Why would GOP leadership, knowing how unclear the real intelligence is, the huge expense of attacking Syria and attitude of the American people, not stand up against Obama and this Syrian attack? GOP leadership hasn’t even paused. That speaks to a total back door sell out agenda. This has been the response of the progressive Republican establishment. What will the rest of them do now?

As the 2014 elections approach, Obama will paint all his enemies in a more vivid color of red and turn the people and conventional media against them. Who will do what is right because it is right and let God handle the rest? America is waiting.

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False front groups and loyalties are created and supported by Obama and the progressive left. Hope and change is fed to the masses over and over again. It pulls them all into the arena and grandstands. Fear then keeps them there.