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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 23, 2013

We are in another emerging election cycle as conservatives prep for 2014. Obama of course has never stopped campaigning. We are witnessing a total dismemberment of our Constitution, freedoms, way of life and economy. We are seeing sell - outs and treachery at the hands of whom we thought would be real conservatives and whom we thought would lead. Just when you thought the Tea Party conservatives would right our sinking ship, after the now famous mid - term elections, we now see that most Representatives who are waving the conservative and GOP sign also had a price and have sold out. What will they do with the 2014 elections?

Recently I interviewed Kris Anne Hall who was fired from her legal position for teaching courses on the Constitution and daring to be involved with Tea Party activity. Censorship is happening all over the place and people’s voices are being shut down. However, courageous heroes like Kris Anne Hall continue to travel all over the country teaching Constitutional courses…even more then prior to her firing. Bravo!!

Don’t forget as the 2014 cycle slams in our faces HR 347 and S 1794 which were total assaults to our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. You can now be arrested if you practice your first amendment rights. Because, following the Constitution is now a federal crime. Popular – poser conservatives were for this. Some want to run for President next time around.

We also saw the treacherous NDAA Bill voted into law, turning our U.S. military on Americans, denying Posse Comitatus, our Miranda rights and other freedoms. We can be taken away without charges and held indefinitely any place in the world.

Real Americans know these two bills are vicious betrayals to our Constitution and freedoms. How is it then that our conservative, elected heroes didn’t? Attorney Hall outlines the shocking vote of these alleged patriots against the right to peaceful assemblies in her article.

“Who was your “Tea Party” favorite in 2012? Who did you elect on the promise to uphold the Constitution and Constitutional Principles? Was it perhaps Allen West, Michele Bachmann, Jeff Landry, or Joe Walsh? “I am a patriot,” they say. Yet, how did they vote when the Constitution was on the line?”

Kris Anne then exposes our “heroes” in the Senate:

“What about the Senate? You don’t have to work hard to decipher the roll call for S 1794 because the vote in favor of putting government over the Constitution was UNANIMOUS! Again, who was your “Tea Party” favorite in Senate? Perhaps Jim Demint, Jerry Moran, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson or, dare I say it, Marco Rubio?"

Attorney Hall pointed out the emerging pattern that is even more frightening. This same crowd of ‘patriots’ also voted for the Unconstitutional NDAA Bill. Who voted for the Unconstitutional bill HR 1540? They are Reps. Allan B. West, Jeff Landry and Joe Walsh.

It is most clear Obama has poser conservatives in the House and Senate to unfold his tyrannical assaults against our Constitution and freedoms.

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Popular ‘conservatives’ failed us by voting against our 1st amendment rights and with the NDAA bill. My question is will they continue to fail us by not defunding and gutting the unconstitutional Obamacare bill. Will they allow the illegal and tyrannical IRS and NSA to continue their illegal and unconstitutional behavior and crimes? Will they continue to move slower than turtles with the Benghazi investigation?

Conservatives have a chance to ‘grow a few’ and snap out of their cowardly behavior. They can start taking a real stand for the people in the 2014 elections by stopping the criminal and unconstitutional actions of Obama. There are SO many to choose from but so little time. Just think of it. If our congress acts courageously and defunds Obamacare, the nation will indeed need massive health care because we will all end up having heart attacks from the shock of it.

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� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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