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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 16, 2013

This week I interviewed Whalid Shoebat on my national radio show, about his ongoing investigation to find the truth about Benghazi. Whalid stated he only looks at Arabic sources for his news to really find out the links, persons involved and real truth about Benghazi.

He linked the Benghazi attack to directives straight from ousted Muslim Brotherhood President – Mohammed Morsi. He gave 2 ‘smoking gun’ points.

A) A video was shot at the attack scene where gunmen were running toward the camera screaming ‘don’t shoot us, We were sent by Morsi.” Although spoken in Arabic, Whalid said the word ‘Morsi’ was understandable.
B) He found a Libyan Intelligence document brought to the forefront by Arabic translator Raymond Ibrahim. This lead to the arrest and interrogation of 6 members of an ‘Egyptian cell.’ They were all Egyptians and belonged to the Ansar al-Sharia group. In their confessions they mentioned their link to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

It is most clear that ousted – Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was behind these attacks. This is the same Morsi who Obama was and is boldly behind. Hmmmm….who is behind Morsi?

Since the Benghazi event and murders, theories and conspiracies are flying everywhere. The latest that is most intriguing is the strong possibility that Valerie Jarrett gave the stand down order. We know that Obama disappeared after 10:00 pm that night and was not heard from again until morning. Who ever gave the ‘stand down orders’ Jarrett, Obama or the Janitor, it was Treason and it all goes back to Obama.

Other sources and news sites talk of Benghazi being a botched kidnapping. Obama was to look brave like John Wayne and do an exchange for Ambassador Stevens and the Blind Sheik who Morsi wanted back in the worst way. I think this scenario is highly likely since now the attackers have been linked back to Mohammed Morsi in several ways.

This revelation must be part of the real investigation of Benghazi by our congress. It points to an act of war by the former President (buddy of Obama) of Egypt against America.

We already know that untold weapons were being shipped through Libya to the rebels in Syria -- allegedly under cover but backed and supported by Obama and his cronies.

The links and cover-ups just get uglier and uglier. Notice the ‘brilliant wisdom’ of John McCain and Lindsey Graham who just went to Egypt to strike poses of concern over ousted President Morsi. They boldly stated that Egyptians had no right to oust Morsi.

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Really….Are they talking about the same Morsi who is directly linked with the Benghazi attacks on America. Are they talking about the same Morsi who gutted the Egyptian constitution, violated the people’s freedoms and encouraged his ‘Muslim Brotherhood troops’ to rape female protestors???

Muhammad Morsi should be treated as an enemy to the people of Egypt AND America. I’m surprised John McCain and Lindsey Graham in Egypt weren’t joined by William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Clinton. They would have had more ‘idiot morons’ to play cards with after hours.

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We already know that untold weapons were being shipped through Libya to the rebels in Syria -- allegedly under cover but backed and supported by Obama and his cronies.