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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 26, 2013

There is no other choice

The momentum is building to stop Obamacare. Thank God because the official role out of this nightmare bill is January 2014. So far there are 64 Republicans in the House who have signed a letter saying they wouldn’t support any legislation that has ObamaCare funding in it. Sen. Mike Lee, who is leading this movement in the Senate says he will back the plan also. Lee says they will have enough votes to support a filibuster.

Though this is considered a controversial tactic these are desperate times and this is a very damaging health care bill in every way. Fall out is coming. The question is if the Republicans in the House and Senate have the guts to follow through and stop ANY funding from being attached to a bill. Will they also have the guts to take the political fall out?

There will no doubt be major threats of Government shutdowns. Obama and the Democrats will blame this on the Republicans and most of the media will join them. We can expect more punishment against conservatives and all those who boldly stood against Obamacare. What is new? Obama has continuously used the IRS, NSA, Department of Homeland Security – EPA and other Government groups to threaten, regulate, distract and destroy Obama’s enemies. Boring already.

We must all get behind the conservatives in the House and Senate who have already signed on to stop funding for Obamacare. We must also court, push then demand all other conservatives to sign on to this and follow through regardless of political fall out.

There is no more time. The House and Senate conservatives must do everything controversial, sneaky, rude, inconvenient, ill timed, nasty and costly to stop this unaffordable, unethical and evil attack on America’s health care system.

It is time for rude displays of ‘headache’ inducing behavior or America and what is left of her health care and freedom is doomed.

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I believe the Republicans, though called every name in the book and blamed for a threatened Government shutdown will win big in the 2014 elections and take back more of the House and possibly even win back the Senate. The bottom line is that the American people are simply waiting for REAL leadership and representation, not more political compromise and avoidance.

Defund ObamaCare no matter the cost from the enemy. Expect real rewards from the people.

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Though this is considered a controversial tactic these are desperate times and this is a very damaging health care bill in every way.