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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 19, 2013

This week I interviewed former law enforcement officer, best selling author and talk show host, Carl Gallups on the Zimmerman case, verdict and response. He stated he had served in law enforcement in Florida and knew their law well. He said it was illegal in Florida (no doubt most states) to incite a riot of any kind. Yet, that is what Holder and the DOJ were doing through the trial, inciting protests and trying to seemingly manipulate outcomes.

Since the verdict, we see Holder and Obama ratcheting up the race war and riots. Holder continues his witch-hunt against Zimmerman with ‘further investigations’ ‘civil rights’…this and that. Obama has weighed in as well, making sure that America knew that Travon would have been what Obama’s son looked like if he had one.

No doubt a thrill for Holder and Obama is the violence and threats building all over America at the hands of the New Black Panther Party and continued manipulation and intrusion of Holder and the DOJ. The New Black Panthers predicted violence if Zimmerman got off and that is exactly what we are seeing.

In addition, the New Black Panther Party is encouraging a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman and offering a $10,000 bounty for this. There has been an increase in beatings and attacks along with staged riots, looting and racial violence across the country. They have also threatened to murder white people and would love Zimmerman to be murdered.

Apparently, these attacks include the minority group ‘Hispanics’ who are now called ‘white Hispanics’ for the purpose of minimizing their real minority status and feeding the race war that Holder and Obama are building.

I asked Carl Gallup: “Isn’t Holder inciting protests in Florida and stirring up potential riots a crime?” “Isn’t that trying to manipulate and direct the outcome of a case and Jury decision?” He said yes. Now Holder is challenging the ‘Stand your ground law’ which wasn’t even used in the Zimmerman case. That doesn’t matter though to Holder and Obama. They intend to get as much push for gun control and hatred against whites as they can.

Have the races been coming together under Obama’s leadership?

Are Whites going on an attack spree against blacks? All sane people know there are good and bad people of all races. Some are racist and most are not. Given this reality there are still some facts that the media, nor Holder and Obama will tell you. Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit crime against whites. Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites not the other way around. Holder has no interest in reporting or commenting on the vast majority of crimes, which are against whites at the hands of blacks.

I would dare say that racism was involved with the Zimmerman trial and it was aimed at Zimmerman. There was zero evidence that Zimmerman was a racist and he was the one whose race, Hispanic, was contorted and changed into ‘white Hispanic.’

If I was a Hispanic in America I would be marching in the streets, feeling racially insulted. It is high time they realize that they have been duped and used by Obama. Obama promised the world to Hispanics to get their vote. As soon as he got it he dropped them like a hot potato as he drops all other people and groups he is done using. Wake up Hispanic people, unless of course you are a ‘white Hispanic’ and like that new label.

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At the end of the day, along with Obama and Holder trying to manipulate a desperate gun agenda and race war with the Zimmerman verdict, the bigger issue is distraction away from all the investigations. Obama and Holder want the ‘heat’ scattered away from the IRS investigation, struggle and delays of the failing Obama care bill, Benghazi investigations, NSA breaches etc…

The heat on this President and Holder must increase to the temperature of LAVA, role down the D.C. hill and burry this criminal cartel once and for all!

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� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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This week I interviewed former law enforcement officer, best selling author and talk show host, Carl Gallups on the Zimmerman case, verdict and response. He stated he had served in law enforcement in Florida and knew their law well.