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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 12, 2013

Obama willfully chooses the wrong side of virtually everything. The result is we have been made a laughing stock of cowardly compromise to the world. Many say that Obama is just inexperienced and won’t lead. He just doesn’t know what to do with complicated issues, so he doesn’t lead. He guesses and guesses wrong…REALLY?

I would say quite the opposite is true. Obama leads and leads right to reflect his worldview. He is inspired and directed from the pit of hell. His handlers are calculated, funded and most organized. Their ultimate end game is to create a one world Government, new currency, new controls violate all borders.

Obama and his team plan to create a new world religion, which allows the masses their ‘placebo of needing God.’ I predict it will be a hybrid of Islam, Unitarianism with an international flavor. All paths to God are the same, and reflecting a ‘neutered sameness.’ The leadership of this new and approved religion will not be ‘50 yard line’ in anyway. It will be the dominating and evil head of Islam, Sharia law and the New World order. As chapter 9 talks about in the Koran, people will be forced to convert, submit to a huge and controlling tax or be killed. It will all be marketed for the good of the world and to stop war.

America is the only nation on earth founded on Judeo/Christian values, tradition and expression. America, God and Christians are simply in the way. We have historically been a Christian and achieving nation, leading in the world, helping others and excelling in everyway. We have prayed to the God of the Holy Bible and the majority have believed and worshipped Jesus Christ, not Muhammad, Satan or Obama.

Though many have drifted away from God, we are still powerful and a force to be reckoned with. We still have a large remnant of real and praying Christians in this country who are the real power base…not the military or Obama. In the world of Obama and his handlers, America must be forced and manipulated into submission.

Obama views America as ‘King Kong’ and it must be reduced to GI Joe size and placed in a small box. Submission will happen as invented crises grows which hits food supplies, national security and our ability to work and pay bills. Violence will build as people panic for food, shelter and money for bills. Government will be viewed as God and sought, not the real God of the Holy Bible.

Brief snapshot of Obama’s foreign decisions – you make up your mind what he stands for

Obama chose not to support the real and massive protestors marching in the streets for freedom and reform in Iran, many years ago. The people begged America for help and Obama looked the other way.
Obama breached the 1973 war powers act and put us into an illegal and pointless war in Libya. We allowed the assassination of Kadaffi, when he was totally contained. There was no reason to go in there, except for another more sinister agenda…i.e. supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and more radicalism to control Libya. Then, there were the thousands of weapons that disappeared and went to the rebels in Syria. Hmmmm
Obama and Hillary backed Dictator Manuel Zelaya when he was legally ousted for crimes against Honduras and her people.
Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood radical – Morse. Hosni Mubarak was thrown out in a cue. This was our long time alley in Egypt. Morsi destroyed the Egyptian Constitution, forced radical Sharia law, took what freedoms the people were used to and told his Muslim Brotherhood military to rape female protestors. Ynet News has tracked at least 100 sexual assaults to women during Egyptian protests. These were ones reported. God knows how many actually occurred that weren’t reported.
The more testimony that comes forth about the Benghazzi murders of our ambassador and staff, Morsi is involved and it looks like a faked kidnapping, gone bad for the purpose of an exchange between Obama and Morsi. Obama would have looked like a hero for getting Ambassader Stevens back in exchange for The blind Shiek, which would have made Morsi look great. Things went very bad. Even if this didn’t exactly happen we know Obama refused numerous requests for help during the attack and disappeared during the whole event. Why? Blood is on Obama’s hands and perhaps a botched kidnapping?
Obama supports the wrong side in Syria, the rebels. We have sent them thousands of weapons and pushed for the end of their President Al assad. According to Whalid and Ted Shoebat’s careful research back to the Arabic sources, the Syrian rebels are far more vicious and violent that

Al assad and his military. Both sides are bad, but the rebels are torturing, beheading and murdering thousands. They include radical Muslim Brotherhood and Al Kae Da members.

Every time in every battle and challenge internationally, Obama is on the side of Dictators, radical Islam and evil. Remember, he has employed many members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his own administration. This is an Islamic terrorist group intent on taking over the world, not a peace-loving group at all.

I predict we will see more mysterious and horrific shootings, increases in Islamic ‘honor killings,’ ‘attacks on schools, transportation systems and events.’ You think the IRS has finished targeting Obama’s enemies? You have seen nothing yet.

This must happen to allow the distorted and dictatorial plan of worldwide Government to land and assume control. It will dictate, hiding behind the banner of peace. The internationally approved religion will be a hybrid of Islam and Internationalism. It will solve problems that have been created by the Government.

Government will swoop in as the savior with a forced international -- one world currency scheme. No one will be able to buy or sell without it. The unholy trinity of the new and satanic Government will be a combo of Obama/U.N./Islam. This will be the deadliest combination the world has ever seen and we MUST stop it.

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We must escalate, state-by-state and Federal protests. March in the streets, fax and call your Representatives and Senators. Demand Impeachment papers be drawn up against Obama. Obamacare is run by the criminal IRS and it must be shut down along with the IRS. If allowed to continue, these tentacles will allow this evil dictatorship into your bank accounts and control of what were private health records. They will control who lives and who dies. We the people must rise up. States must rise up and the House and Senate must rise up against this. There can be no try…ONLY DO.

Demand arrests for the Benghazi murders, IRS criminal behaviors, NSA criminal behaviors and Obama criminal behaviors.

Pray for our country and watch God work as we unite and seek HIS face. Join me each day as I explore these and other issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC or listen later to archives at:

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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I predict we will see more mysterious and horrific shootings, increases in Islamic ‘honor killings,’ ‘attacks on schools, transportation systems and events.’ You think the IRS has finished targeting Obama’s enemies? You have seen nothing yet.