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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 5, 2013

How many times have we caught ourselves quitting right before the finish line? The sweat, the blood and the blisters…what did you expect? Things just weren’t practical, affordable and reachable so I had to stop. I didn’t have the connections, looks, money and power anyway. Sometimes you just have to face the music.

The other day I was visiting with financial and Trust expert, Gary Smith. We talked about how often people just quit and won’t try for a big dream anymore. There were just too many obstacles and not enough money. I told him I believe like ‘Yoda’ in Star Wars who said “There is no try…only do.” Gary made a similar comment, which I so believe. “Can’t never done anything…Maybe might have…But, done did.”

What is being done to our Country – Whose dream is this?

To save our country, its freedom and health, we must court, remind and push our Representatives, Senators to do a few things. Demand that they sift all issues they fight for, are approached about and work on, through our Constitution, rights and Judeo-Christian values. Few have done this and it is killing us. There should be zero discussion or compromise with the U.N., Sharia Law/Islam and Agenda 21 agenda.

The diseased and corrupt idea that has been strangling real leadership in Government through out the Obama administration and before is the false notion that you must ‘give something to get something.’ ‘You must sign the bill and read it later.’ ‘We don’t have control over the Senate so we can’t do what we want in the House.’

So far the ‘vision’ is to destroy America, her exceptionalism and freedoms

We saw Constitutional and criminal assault hurled on the nation with the NDAA Bill, turning our military on U.S. citizens for the first time, denying Miranda rights, placing people in undisclosed locations, under the leadership of Obama. Republicans and Democrats failed enormously, who signed this into law. They bought into ‘we must give something to get something.’ ‘Obama would never use this against the people…so we must sign it to get the terrorists.’ Damn the rights of the people. What really happened is they gave Obama another technique and ‘American take down’ strategy.

Then, we saw the criminal assault by Congress and the White House, crushing the best health care system on earth with Obamacare. The traitors who signed this into law have signed the death sentence for millions of seniors who won’t be able to afford care or get it in time. They have also allowed big Government to control the Doctor patient relationship, confidentiality and privacy rights. Abortions are paid for. Illegal aliens get care and we must have forced health insurance or else big fines. God only knows the other punishments in store.

The mother load of all criminal and evil intents in Obama care is that it is run by the IRS…threatening, intimidating and using health and financial information to destroy Obama enemies. They will get control over our accounts…then watch what happens as they punish those against the Obama agenda even more

If allowed to continue, the IRS will continue its legacy of threatening, punishing and destroying Obama enemies… by limiting, denying and manipulating health care. This time by manipulating the masses to get ‘chips’ put in their bodies for ultimate control and sabotage when the time is right.

This Obamacare – end game, is a killer and it all hides behind ‘healthcare.’ Obama and his minions will use any Government agencies and tools to crush his enemies. We have seen this already with the NSA, Homeland Security under Eric Holder and now the IRS. All have been used to spy on and destroy Americans who are conservative. This is all done as the leadership in these agencies ‘plead the 5th’ and simply ‘don’t recall.’

Back to the REAL vision

I agree with Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruze and Rep. Michele Bachmann who are demanding that the IRS be shut down. Others are starting to join them in this ‘real vision’ and chorus.

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Truth, backbone and integrity will permeate all around and trump evil…always. It may take time but God will not be mocked and honor still does prevail. So…BE HONORABLE and DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND NOW.

We must not be stopped and crushed by the ‘common sense’ or ‘evil agenda’ crowd. March forward and do what is right because it is right…not easy, but right. Do it because our Lord tells us to. He offers HIS power and protection. We have nothing to fear. Read Pslam 91 and get inspired. Our God is looking for hands and feet down here who will do THE RIGHT THING AND TRUST HIM. Will you?

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So far the ‘vision’ is to destroy America, her exceptionalism and freedoms