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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 14, 2013

It is beyond obvious by now that the IRS has become nothing but a totalitarian puppet of controls and terror for Americans. I hear from any Americans, who aren’t ‘Stepford Wives’ Obama clones, who don’t think our tax rates are too high and that the IRS is out of control. I beg to differ with that assumption and thought however. Based on the unfolding evidence and testimonies of countless witnesses and whistleblowers, the IRS is not out of control at all. It has been in the complete control of Obama, his administration and agenda to punish all Obama enemies from the start.

It has been revealed now that all the orders to attack Tea Party groups and other conservatives came straight from the White House and D.C. It wasn’t a low level moment of rebellion in a single city as the Obama sound bite theatre threw out to the media.

Records show that the disgraced former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman went to the White House 157 times. This is dramatically more times than Obama’s most trusted Cabinet members. Hmmmm…Compare that to the Bush days. The IRS commissioner only came to the White House 1 time to see Bush.

The facts being revealed so far show major high ups in the IRS, from Lois Lerner onward who turned the already oppressive IRS into Obama’s SS, breaking laws to simply punish, stall and destroy Obama’s enemies.

Jay Seculo and ACLJ are representing at least 25 Tea Party groups in a lawsuit against the IRS. There are other battles building against the crimes of the IRS on Obama’s enemies. I pray it is the Tsunami of all Tsunami’s for the IRS. Bravo to the ACLJ for taking the right step to defend criminally attacked Tea Party groups who represent the voice of ‘the people.’

Congress and the ACLJ MUST see this through and force accountability with the IRS or they will continue to hurt, attack and destroy Americans. Their sense of empowerment will know no limits if we do nothing now except complain over coffee. IT IS TIME TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE DOING SOMETHING AGAINST THE IRS AND OBAMA CRIMES NOW.

Already, some hiding as conservatives and even a Minister, who has contacted me and other media outlets, have boldly and fraudulently attacked the ACLJ and their lawsuit against the IRS. The slander, lies and false accusations jump out of the Obama playbook with neon lights. Naturally, Obama plants wouldn’t want the IRS or Obama power structures attacked.

For REAL Americans who love God and country there is no back down now. There is only follow through – battles -- lawsuits and every other action we can think of reflecting our Constitution and power as ‘the people.’

Time for Tax revolution and transformation is now

Not only should the IRS be shut down and arrests made all the way to the top, but there needs to be a fair tax introduced. I am a huge fan of stopping ALL taxes accept a 2% transaction tax someone pays when they buy a product or service. We must stop all income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, excise tax, hidden taxes everywhere must all go.

If you tax all Government transactions, including Wall Street, unbelievably you are talking nearly 900 trillion a year. 2% of that is 18 trillion. Think of how quickly our country could get out of debt, pay our bills, and build back our military, Medicare, Social security and roads, while liberating people, businesses and all incomes. Our Government has not introduced such a simple and fair tax plan because they are addicted to control, power and money. I wrote a whole chapter on the 2% tax in my book ‘The People’s President’ you can get on

We do not need the IRS (Gambino crime family) running our unethical and threatening tax system now and we SURE DON’T need them running the Obama care killing machine unfolding as we speak. The IRS and Obama care must be destroyed ASAP.

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Morsels from Obama care to be managed by the IRS

Fines and threats for non-compliance
Lines and dramatically cut health care for our seniors as they age
Dictated salaries and limits for Doctors
Stealing nearly a trillion from Medicare – thus hurting our seniors even more
No privacy with medical records and information
Using Doctors and mental health professionals as Obama spies to sift out guns

Get behind your Representative and Senator and encourage and remind them to follow through and do the right thing with the IRS and whatever else it controls. Get behind and support the ACLJ and other groups who are daring to stand up to Obama and the IRS crimes.

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It has been revealed now that all the orders to attack Tea Party groups and other conservatives came straight from the White House and D.C. It wasn’t a low level moment of rebellion in a single city as the Obama sound bite theatre threw out to the media.